New Home and Remodeling Warranties in Washington, D.C.

If you build new homes or do remodeling in Washington, D.C., you know that having a warranty for your work is vital for your reputation and your solvency. Because our 10-year D.C. home warranties are approved by HUD for FHA and VA lending, as well as a host of other financing programs, they will meet all your warranty needs. In addition, other lending alternatives look favorably on construction which is backed by a structural warranty. Now, with American eBuilder, you have access to multiple options from one company, and can decide the best terms, based on your buyers’ needs.

Unique and Exciting Options for D.C. Home Warranties Washington D.C. Home Warranties

Our warranties cover limited workmanship and material defects, delivery systems and major structural issues within the first 10 years of home ownership. This warranty coverage is transferable (please see warranty booklet for specific details) to a new owner if the house is sold within that time frame. The flexibility of being able to transfer a warranty is a huge selling point in markets such as D.C.

We offer HUD, FHA and VA structural warranties for homes in Washington, D.C. These “2+8” warranties include a two-year limited liability period for builders to replace or repair specific, enumerated problems followed by an eight-year period during which we, the warrantor, covers specific issues. An alternate “1+9” warranty shortens the builder’s period to one year, but it does not qualify for HUD financing. Our remodeler’s warranties typically offer five years of coverage for specified aspects of your remodeling work.

You will appreciate having these various options in the D.C. area, where housing and construction costs are already high. Having an expressed, written warranty can mean a savings of tens of thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to pay in repairs.

Superior Coverage with Clear Definitions that Homeowners Can Understand

American eBuilder D.C. new home warranties provide your homebuyers with protection against unfortunate new home problems such as:

  • Defective joists
  • Improperly laid subflooring
  • Significant nail pops, trowel marks and other finish blemishes


However, a warranty’s terms are clearly defined in order to prevent unrealistic expectations. For example, an isolated spot in the floor that squeaks is not a warranted defect. In addition, every covered item includes an explanation of the builder’s, the homeowner’s and the warrantor’s responsibilities for that issue.

Some warranties from other companies are written in purposefully vague language to create a false sense of security. But using such a warranty is a gamble. Just one issue can risk your reputation. You would need to choose between costly repairs or disgruntled homeowners. Prevent this problematic choice by choosing an American eBuilder warranty.

Enroll Now and Secure Coverage for New Homes in Washington, D.C.

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