Why do You Need a Montana New Home Warranty?

As a builder in Montana, you take pride in your work amidst the stunning natural beauty of the land and offer your buyers an excellent level of workmanship for their investment. You want to have happy customers, and you already do a call-back during the first year after your buyers purchase a home. Why would you want to supplement that with a 10-year Montana New Home Warranty? Montana New Home Warranty

Today’s home market is quite competitive. Offering a longer-term warranty can give you a sales advantage over your competition. When you provide a 10-year new home warranty, you show your customers that you are a builder who goes above and beyond the average. An American eBuilder Montana new home warranty both gives you peace of mind and provides a great marketing tool. You get peace of mind, because a written warranty protects your reputation and lowers your degree of risk. You also increase marketability because the warranty offers your buyers peace of mind about defects in materials, workmanship, delivery systems and structural components.

Buyers depend on the structural integrity of a home, as well as the components of the utility delivery systems. Our 10-year expressed, written structural and delivery systems new home warranties cover just those sorts of things. The warranty booklet you give your buyers enumerates specifics about what is covered and details about how to address an issue and terms of coverage, so nothing is left to chance.

What Types of Warranties Do We Offer?

For new homes, we provide home warranties in a variety of formats. Our most popular is the 2+8 warranty. With the 2+8, you are only responsible for specific warranted repairs which occur over the first 2 years. After that, the Insurer covers specific structural and delivery systems components, which are defined in the warranty booklet. We offer both standard warranties as well as one specifically formatted for HUD financing, such as FHA, VA or HUD loan requirements.

In addition, we also provide Montana 5-year Remodeling warranties for such projects as additions, flips, rehabs and renovations.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Montana New Home Warranties!

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