Why Your Builders Should Provide an American eBuilder Warranty

Experienced real estate and lending professionals understand that the American eBuilder structural home warranty provides a measure of protection for builders, renovation professionals, and homeowners. Instead of letting your clients worry over “implied” warranty coverage, put it in writing with an expressed written American eBuilder warranty today.

American eBuilder even offers home warranties appropriate for HUD financings such as FHA and VA.  Our products include a 10-year HUD-compatible warranty, a 1+9 builder’s structural warranty for conventional financing, and more.

hud approved ten year warrantyFrom the HUD type ten year warranty to customized choices, American eBuilder can help!

Here’s Why You Need an American eBuilder Home Warranty:

  • To stand out amid your competition by informing your clients about American eBuilder Warranties. This will demonstrate that you have their best interests in mind.  This is an essential component to repeat business and referrals, crucial ingredients to your success.
  • To give your homebuyers peace of mind in knowing you are one of the best in the industry and have been accepted by a HUD-compatible Warranty Provider.  They can also take comfort in the dispute resolution options available to them and the fact that their risks have been minimized when having an American eBuilder Warranty in place.
  • To show that you care about your clients investment and to be able to offer information about a layer of security that proves it.
  • To be ahead of the game and ensure a smooth purchase process in the event that your buyer elects to go through FHA, VA or USDA for financing. Many times, closings are delayed when the parties involved are surprised to learn at the last minute that the builder must provide a 10-year HUD-compatible warranty.  By confirming your builder is an approved Member of American eBuilder’s Warranty program, you will be taking proactive steps in avoiding these types of postponements.