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Georgia’s climate presents special challenges to builders and homeowners alike. Our dependable Georgia 10-year new home warranties give homeowners peace of mind and offer builders protection. We have options suitable for every project, providing you with clear coverage and safeguards for your reputation and workmanship. Georgia New Home Warranty

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Because certain financing imposes strict regulations on the homebuyer, you need new home warranties for Georgia construction. Because we offer 10-year warranties suitable for HUD, FHA and VA lending, as well as a host of other financing programs, we can meet all your warranty needs. Our new home warranties offer you important protection against material defects and structural issues and supply your customers with excellent service after the sale.

American eBuilder’s structural warranties have satisfied many of Georgia’s premier contractors and remodeling specialists. Lenders and Realtors love our customizable home warranties, too. We offer different options, depending on your project, the property and the buyer’s intentions. For example, our FHA- “2+8” warranty is perfect for a homebuyer seeking a HUD FHA or VA loan.

After you’re approved as a member builder, you can have a structural warranty in hand with a simple mouse click on our 24/7 website. Purchase, print and deliver to your customers, all in one easy step.

The Difference is in the Details

American eBuilder warranties are distinctive in several ways. First, they are flexible, affordable and simple to buy. One size does NOT fit all.

Second, our new home warranties leave no ambiguous detail in your buyer’s imagination. We clearly define all of the terms of the warranty, so both you and the home owner know exactly what is covered and for what duration. In contrast, some other warranty companies use vague terms which leave homeowners angry and disappointed when their expectations are not met. Ultimately, this anger and disappointment will fall on you, the builder. But purchasing our express, written warranty will help you avoid this issue.

Third, our warranties are clear and easy to understand. Consumers appreciate a warranty they comprehend the first time they read it. To avoid confusion, our coverage terms enumerate the rights and responsibilities of the builder, the home owners and the warrantor.

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Enrolling as a member builder of American eBuilder is as easy as dialing toll-free 866-526-2090. Speak with one of our account executives to get started utilizing Georgia home warranties today. We guarantee you’ll appreciate our quality and customer service.