Michigan Home Warranty Programs with American eBuilder

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing structure, there is an element of risk each builder is exposed to and all buyers have questions and concerns during and after construction.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could mitigate your risks and simultaneously enhance your professional reputation in a cost-effective way?

Now you can.  American eBuilder provides the new home warranty Michigan Construction, Real Estate and Lending professionals count on for peace of mind.

Bringing Our Expertise to Your Project, Affordably and Conveniently MI

The American eBuilder home warranty team is comprised of professionals from the very industries we strive to serve with professionalism and expertise.  No one understands the needs of the Construction and Real Estate professional quite like us.  That’s why we make our streamlined warranties versatile, convenient and affordable.

With American eBuilder, builders can purchase a Michigan home warranty quickly and easily with the click of a mouse instead of being bogged down with paperwork.  Because American eBuilder is online, you can always be on time for a closing.  And our various warranty choices make us unequaled when it comes to offering builders what they need and prefer.

Protection Comes in a Range of Home Warranty Programs

American eBuilder is pleased to provide a “1+9”  builder’s warranty  for conventional financing in addition to a 10-year HUD-compatible structural warranty  for FHA, VA & USDA financed loans.  We also offer a 5-year Remodelers Warranty and a standard “2+8” Ten Year Warranty.  Contact us and find out how our fully-customizable warranty programs can serve your Michigan construction project’s needs!

Innovative Marketing through Minimized Risk

Chances are, if you purchase some form of technology that comes with a warranty, you feel a bit better about your purchase.  Imagine how comfortable and assured your buyers will feel if the homes you are selling, come with a warranty that affords protection against structural defects.  Offering your Michigan buyers a home warranty, as a result of your approved membership with American eBuilder, doesn’t   convey a negative connotation regarding the quality of your work, but instead demonstrates the stability of your company and the fact that you care about your customers.

American eBuilder also outlines a dispute resolution process within our warranties.   This allows for adequate representation for both the homeowner and the builder in the event of an unresolved dispute.  Normally, because the standards within the warranty are clearly communicated and because our members prefer to retain a good reputation, disputes rarely escalate to the point of mediation or arbitration.

Contact us at 866-526-2090 and find out how American eBuilder can enhance and protect your reputation today.