Expertise, Innovation and Stability in a PA Home Warranty Company

hud approved 10 year warranty companiesOur founder began his warranty career as a state warranty administrator in 1977, followed by a number of years as Vice President of Marketing and National Accounts at other new home warranty companies before starting American eBuilder. He coupled his expansive knowledge base with his technological expertise to form a company that specializes in meeting the needs of its clients. This makes American eBuilder unique among HUD-compatible home warranty companies.

By utilizing innovative Internet techniques, American eBuilder staged itself as a pioneer in ecommerce as a HUD accommodating 10-year warranty company in the new home industry. We are also proud that today, American eBuilder continues to provide the same unparalleled service, competitive pricing and enhanced underwriting capabilities as when we were first founded, making it one of the best amid  HUD-approved warranty companies.

Our clients want and get a hassle-free program with minimal paperwork, fast warranty delivery made available 24/7 and efficient processing. Our professionals have extensive, real-world experience and expertise in the Real Estate, Home Building, Remodeling and Lending sectors, and that enables us to get our clients the warranty services they need quickly and easily.

As a result of our business model and extensive use of technology, our overhead has remained low. Also, because of our quick adjustments to changing economic conditions and the recession of past years, our company has been able to maintain a steady growth, while at the same time keeping our risks under control.

American eBuilder, among a short list of HUD-approved home warranty companies, operates in a debt-free manner. We pay cash for capital improvements, equipment and all expenses. It is our intention to be able to service our clients’ needs, both swiftly and professionally for many years to come.

American eBuilder doesn’t just claim to be different, we prove it.

From our simple online ordering to our mission statement of On-line, On-Time, No Equal, No Excuses, we are committed to making your business experience with us a superior one where your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today and find out how our HUD home warranty company can help protect your business’s investment as well as your own professional reputation.

For a free information packet and to learn more about how the American eBuilder Warranty Program can enhance your business, please call 1-866-526-2090, click on the chat box to the right or complete our contact form.