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A Brand New Texas Warranty Option!

If you are a builder in the state of TX, we have great news for you!

The Texas state legislature passed a bill allowing new home warranties to be issued for only 6 years, rather than the previous 10. To accommodate your needs, we have created a brand new 6-year Texas new home warranty. If you build in Texas, please contact us to find out more! If you are already a member of our program and are a Texas builder, we have already added the new warranty to your ordering choices.



New Renewal Process

As you may know if you’ve been a builder with our program for longer than one year, in the past, we have sent renewal forms out via snail mail. Starting this month, March, our renewals, with a brand new look, will be coming to you as a pdf via email. So if you know that you membership is due in April, keep an eye on your inbox, just in case it accidentally gets sent to your “junk” folder. We wouldn’t want you to miss your renewal discount!

Membership Renewal

The new renewal forms can be printed, completed and then returned to us either by snail mail, email or fax. Please give us a call at 866-526-2090 if you have any questions!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We remember and honor all who have served and all who have died to defend our freedoms. Freedom we often take for granted is never free; it is bought with a price.

Happy Memorial Day

Are You Happy with American eBuilder’s Warranty Services?

If you have had a great experience using American eBuilder’s 10-year new home warranties, we’d love to hear about it! As a builder, what is your favorite aspect of using our warranties? Is it the speedy delivery? The convenience? The ease of purchase? The friendly staff? The customer service? Please take a brief moment to visit our Yelp profile and give us a review! That will assist other builders who need new home warranties as well. Thank you in advance! Simply click here to review us.

A New Free Resource for our Builders

Have you ever had a potential home-buyer ask you, “My mortgage lender says I must have a 10-year warranty for my FHA loan. Why do I need that? What does the warranty cover?”

If you weren’t expecting this question, you might be at a loss for words. However, offering your buyers a 10-year new home warranty is not just smart business sense for you, but is also designed to give your buyers peace of mind. An additional benefit is that the written warranty offers your buyers realistic expectations about what items are warranted and for how long, and which items are not warranted. The written warranty also describes for the buyer the items which are considered homeowner maintenance.

Table Tent Marketing Tool

 To help your buyers to understand the categories of repairs warranted by the written document, we have developed a colorful resource to display in your offices or model homes. The double-sided table tents, pictured above, provide your buyers with a visual reference of what general items are warranted.

We would be delighted to mail you a table tent, free of charge, for your marketing display. To order one or more, please email us and in the email, along with your name and address, and let us know if you would prefer the style on the left or the style on the right. The center photo shows the reverse side, which is an info-graphic of the categories the warranty covers.*  Don’t forget that we also have customer brochures, presentation folders and sample warranties you may request as well.

*The examples provided on the table tents are for illustration purposes only. Specific and detailed warranty coverage, terms and conditions, and exclusions are stated in the warranty book assigned to a specific address.

American eBuilder Now More Accessible

We are excited to announce that, in our effort to serve you better, we have made a major improvement to our website! The American eBuilder website is now “responsive.” What this means is that it will automatically resize to be easily readable on any device you use, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Enjoy the convenience!

American eBuilder website on mobile devices

And We are Back!

We are happy to tell you that the system maintenance is complete, and you may again begin submitting warranties at any time. In the unlikely event that you happen to get an error, please call us at 866-526-2090 or email us at [email protected]. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It’s Maintenance Time!

The American eBuilder warranty creation site will be down for regular maintenance and security updates from approximately 9 pm EST Thursday, November 10th, 2016 through 11 pm EST on Friday, November 11, 2016. If you require a warranty on Friday, November 11th or experience any difficulty creating a warranty after the site is back up, please call us at 866-526-2090 and we can help you create the warranty over the phone. All normal services should resume after 11 pm EST on November 11th. Thank you for understanding.

System Maintanance

Happy 4th of July!

We know you all work hard, and you deserve a break! Have a wonderful time: fire up the grill with friends and family, but never forget the sacrifices that shaped our young nation so many years ago. Freedom and independence were bought with a price … let’s never take it for granted, America!

Independance Day, 4th of July, vacation

More Social Media

American eBuilder is now on both Instagram and Yelp. If you use either platform, why not visit our page and follow us?

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We Offer More!

As we update our products to stay abreast of your, our builders,’ needs, we like to let you know what those new offerings are. Did you know that American eBuilder now offers warranties on manufactured housing? Give us a call at (866) 526-2090 to find out more!


The Blog Expands

Up until now, we’ve just featured blog posts for builders. But because we realize that your customers also visit here from time to time, we’ve decided to add a category of posts called “Tips for the Homeowner.” Feel free to refer your new home buyers to this category for great home-related tips and maintenance ideas.


Google+ Too …

Speaking of Social Media, we also are on Google+. If you are there, be sure to join us at American eBuilder on Google+ … once you find us, why not check out our Collection, “Posts for Builders?” And remember to send your customers to the Collection, “Posts for Homeowners.” See you there!


We Are on Social Media!

If you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can find American eBuilder there! On Facebook, we’re americanebuilder, on Twitter, we’re American_eBildr and on LinkedIn, we’re american-ebuilder. We’d love it if you’d follow us on these platforms!


A Blog for Your Customers Too

In addition to our recently revised American eWarranty website for your customers and our blog on this site for builders, we also have a blog for home-buyers which is updated frequently with posts to help them find the perfect fit in a home. Please let them know about it at


A Website for Your Customers!

As you know, American eWarranty is the consumer arm of our company. We are happy to announce that we have an updated website for you to send your customers to! On this site, we have contact information, warranty information and also homeowner maintenance tips. If you think your homeowners would benefit from this, please send them to American eWarranty. Feel free to look around yourself as well!


AeB Now Has a Blog for Builders

American eBuilder is excited to announce that we have a new blog, posting articles of relevance for builders, contractors and anyone in the home-building industry. Look under the About menu, or click here to see our latest posts!


AeB Launches Revised Web Site

American eBuilder is pleased to unveil its revised and updated website at  Our newly designed site will continue to host pertinent information regarding our program for both members and non-members.  One particular feature our members will appreciate is the fact that no matter what page you are on, you can now easily login to your secure accounts by going to the top of the page.  We’ve also included pages that lenders, real estate agents and homeowners will find informative while visiting our website.

If you’ve ever assumed the task of a major website revision, you know a great deal of thought and effort is required to create a site through which it is easy to navigate and is user friendly. We have spent months in re-developing our website and truly hope you will find it meets all of your needs.  If you have any comments, we welcome and encourage your feedback.