Benefits of Membership with 10-Year Warranty Program from American eBuilder

membership with 10 year warranty program

If you haven’t considered how membership with a 10 year warranty program might benefit  the reputation of your business and sales, it’s time to discover how American eBuilder can help.

A membership with American eBuilder opens the door to sales because it increases buyer confidence.  This could be established in part by utilizing our free marketing materials.  At the same time, becoming a member helps close the door to certain financial risks. The result? Not only will an American eBuilder Membership help with protecting your business and reputation against the loose interpretation of  an implied warranty.  It also reduces buyer concern regarding potential costly defects that sometimes occur following new home construction or renovation.

Membership also includes support in resolving disputes about warranty issues when a builder and the homeowner disagree regarding responsibility. That means purchasing a 10-year warranty could possibly save you thousands of dollars.  American eBuilder’s team of experienced professionals from backgrounds in Construction and Real Estate are ready to personally assist you in choosing the best warranty and helping you get on the road to using our unique, simple and efficient “Point, Click, and Print” process of generating warranties in your own office.

Becoming a member of American eBuilder’s Warranty program is one of the best moves you can make for your business.  It offers you protection and sets you apart as a premier builder.  Please be sure to contact our office so an Account Executive can further explain the benefits that come by partnering with American eBuilder.