The American eBuilder Standard 5-Year Remodelers Warranty

warranty for remodelers

Rather than move to a new residence, many homeowners are resorting to major renovations to their current home in order to better meet their needs. There has been a marked increase in additions and major overhauls, which add more space and impact the overall flow of the home.

If your market is impacted by this current trend, you might be tempted to cash in. More and more builders are turning to remodeling to increase their professional trade activity.

But why would someone choose your company over another remodeling professional? You can reassure potential buyers that you stand behind your labor and materials with a Remodelers Warranty. With this added protection, your business will enjoy a significant advantage over the competition.


Why a Remodelers Warranty?

By becoming a Member of American eBuilder’s Warranty Program and offering our Remodelers Warranty, you are communicating to your potential clients that you are a reputable and stable builder who is willing to stand behind your expertise by backing up your work with a written set of performance standards and specific construction criteria.

Even better, because American eBuilder’s Warranty for Remodelers clearly spells out everything in writing, questions about what is and is not warranted are answered. A written warranty not only minimizes risk and exposure of an implied warranty, but it provides peace of mind to homeowners.

The American eBuilder Remodelers Warranty is an expressed written limited warranty on the work you perform. It details specific warranty standards and the scope of work a builder performs.  It is comprised of a one year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials and offers five years of protection against warranted structural components.


Benefits of Membership

As a Member of American eBuilder’s Warranty Program, you are automatically eligible to offer both the Five-Year structural warranty for Remodelers as well as our 10-Year New Home Structural Warranties. Also, similar to the New Home Structural Warranties, a builder can limit exposure by specifically defining the work the work performed.

American eBuilder offers competitive rates to builders that make being part of our Warranty Program an affordable option. In addition, one of our goals is to make the warranty process as easy as possible for our builders. We limit paperwork and even offer an Easy Pay option to allow you to instantly purchase the remodelers coverage you need.



A bonus feature of the American eBuilder Remodelers Warranty is our dispute settlement service. A key aspect of this service is that it offers the opportunity to resolve any disagreements that may arise concerning warranty issues without legal action.

This alone can be a huge timesaver. Spelling out terms and conditions of a project before the first hammer swing in a legally-binding document can protect your company and your assets from a long court battle and lost days on future job sites.

As a builder, you are likely quite familiar with the tools of your trade and the AeB Remodelers Warranty is one more tool that should be considered a necessity. It enhances your reputation, gives peace of mind to your clients and defines expectations even after the job is completed.  Contact us and find out how we can protect your reputation as well as your financial investment today.