New Jersey New Home, Structural & Remodeling Warranties

It’s nearly unanimous: New Jersey builders love our easy, affordable new home builder warranties. We offer the highest convenience at the best price since we know that your time is valuable. Our New Jersey home warranty, written in clear, concise terms, offers your customers peace of mind while establishing reasonable expectations. Skip complicated forms and sub-standard protection, and let us keep your business and properties securely covered.
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Instill Faith in Your Expertise with a Valuable NJ Home Warranty

Structural warranties have become a necessity in New Jersey home construction and the American eBuilder new home warranty is fully approved. Our HUD 10-year warranties and New Jersey approved 10-year warranty program help new homes qualify for federal financing programs.

Our American eBuilder warranty creation system is on call 24/7 for your ordering convenience. Order online, process your payment and print the warranty, all from your own office. This prompt turn-around increases your buyer’s trust, confidence and satisfaction in your work.

Explaining What a Structural Warranty Covers

For your protection, your customers should know exactly what sort of defects and material failures their warranty covers. Our policies enumerate all covered areas in simple terms. For instance, widespread squeaky floors caused by bad joists or sub-par subflooring will be repaired or replaced under the warranty terms. On the other hand, one isolated squeak would not be considered a serious defect under the terms of the warranty.

When your homebuyers have a concise, written New Jersey home warranty, they won’t have unrealistic expectations, and they’ll be less likely to hold you responsible for issues that aren’t caused by material failure or builder mistakes. In comparison, other home warranties can be vague and give the homebuyers a false sense of security.  A far better warranty choice is to secure a written, express warranty from American eBuilder.

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Driving Profits and Improving Customer Service with American eBuilder

We know your time is valuable, and that you’d rather be out there building — not stuck in an office filling out forms. At the same time, we understand how important having a quality warranty is to your ability to meet your customers’ needs. We have made it so simple to create a warranty on our website … just point, click and print. You will have instant access to all of the documentation you need as soon as you purchase your warranty.

Have questions? Call toll-free at 866-526-2090 and speak to our dedicated customer service team about how to become a member in our program or to purchase a New Jersey home warranty.