New Home Warranty Plans in the Carolinas

Experienced builders know that selling a home can mean the beginning of a variety of problems. Without a clearly written understanding of what is and is not a warranted component, buyer disputes can result in tremendous unnecessary cost — in terms of dollars and reputation.  Why not allow American eBuilder to put your mind at ease by including with the sale of every home, the new home warranty North Carolina and South Carolina builders and real estate professionals rely on for convenient, affordable reliability?

Explore Your Options With American eBuilder NC SC

American eBuilder understands these concerns because our leadership team has held previous positions in most of the industries we serve.  This diversity in experience gave us foresight when developing our Warranty Program and was instrumental when creating the warranty options we have made available to our members.  As a builder of new home construction, you may be interested in our premier “1+9” limited builder’s warranty or one of our “2+8” 10-year warranties.  For those builders who do remodeling or renovation projects, we have our 5-year Remodelers Warranty you can add as a part of your marketing efforts.  The bottom line is our North Carolina and South Carolina home warranty plans are diverse enough to meet various builder needs and specific enough to offer the protection and peace of mind your customer’s desire.  Easy Customization, Affordable Pricing and 24/7 Convenience

When you partner with American eBuilder, you’re making the choice to protect your business’s investment as well as the interests of your buyers. You can purchase a variety of South Carolina and North Carolina new home warranty plans when it’s most convenient for you, because we make them available online.  Also, our new home warranties are unique to the industry in that they can be customized for specific projects and buyers. And with the normal cost of a warranty being only 1/3 of 1 percent of a new home’s purchase price, you’ll be buying peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Gain a Sales and Marketing Advantage

With our South Carolina and North Carolina home warranty plans, you will enhance your reputation as a builder who is willing to stand behind the homes you’re selling.  By offering more than the typical 1-year builder’s warranty, your buyers are more apt to trust you with what potentially will be the largest investment of their lives.  And because our North Carolina and South Carolina new home warranty plans include a dispute resolution process, you and your homeowners can take comfort in the fact that there is a means by which differences of opinion, concerning what is covered in the warranty, can be settled without costly litigation. Even better, with American eBuilder, we make the warranty purchase process easy and nearly paperwork-free. Purchase the home warranty South Carolina and North Carolina builders rely on, and discover the affordable, streamlined way to protect your business’s investment and enhance your professional reputation.