Be Associated with an Elite Group of Builders

home warranties Becoming a member of American eBuilder’s Warranty program takes more than just filling out an application.  We actually have a screening process that our builder applications must go through, which is a good thing for the following reasons.  The builders who do meet our underwriting criteria for acceptance into our program can proudly proclaim to their potential homebuyers that they have passed a rigorous examination of their business, have demonstrated that they are financially stable and can be categorized as a Premier Builder.

Another reason we screen our builder applicants is to secure the longevity of American eBuilder’s program.  It really wouldn’t make sense for us to invite builders to join our program, if we didn’t do our part to keep our risks to a minimum.  In doing so, we will continue to be in tip-top shape financially and therefore be able to continue to fulfill any obligations that may arise with our members or their homebuyers.

If a builder is an active member of another warranty program while submitting an application to American eBuilder, they would generally be considered a lower risk.  Other builders, who have experience in new home construction and can demonstrate financial stability, also represent a relatively low risk.  On the other hand, those builders who are new to the industry and have a limited financial track record tend to reflect a greater risk to the program and therefore an alternate form of financial security may be required.