HUD Warranty Plans from American eBuilder

A buyer planning to purchase a home using FHA or VA financing may need a builder who is able to provide a HUD-type warranty plan. As an American eBuilder member, you can expand your pool of potential buyers with our selection of HUD-approved 10 year warranty plans any time you need them, 24/7. Explore the warranty plans available from American eBuilder. Find out how you can protect your investment and enhance your reputation quickly, reliably and with minimal hassle.

HUD Warranties

Why Have a HUD Warranty Option?

American eBuilder is pleased to offer HUD-compatible home warranties for those builders who have home-buyers financing their purchase through FHA, VA or USDA lending. While not every US county requires a HUD warranty, some still do, and buyers might only find that out at closing. If you already are a builder who has access to such warranties, you have an advantage! Builders—and buyers—will appreciate the peace of mind that our 10-year structural warranty offers. If a dispute arises between a builder and a homeowner, our warranties provide a path to resolution that mediates between homeowner and builder. The bottom line? You can rest assured that our new home HUD warranties will satisfy the requirements of any county requiring a warranty for FHA, VA or USDA loans.

Reducing Risk Easily, Conveniently and Affordably

At American eBuilder, we understand the concerns of builders, real estate agents and lending professionals. If you’re at closing and you realize that a HUD-approved 10-year warranty is needed, no problem! Our program eliminates that worry, because when a builder is an approved member of our Warranty Program, they always have immediate online access to our HUD warranties. Not only will you be able to quickly obtain your warranties for those surprise FHA, VA or USDA lending situations, but you will have this convenience at your fingertips. Additionally, the cost per warranty is typically less than 1/3 of 1 percent of your home’s sale price. With American eBuilder, every time you have a closing you will be equipped to deliver a warranty at a moment’s notice. And while doing so, you will be reducing the risk and exposure associated with having no warranty at all.

Customizable and Streamlined

American eBuilder’s new home HUD warranties are easy and convenient to purchase as a result of our online process. In addition, builders can customize them, including a list of exclusions. Therefore, you can create a warranty specific to the homeowner and to the work performed. It also means you can easily edit some parts of the warranty if something needs corrected, even if it’s right before a closing. Such edits include addresses, names, start dates and contact information.

Adding Value and Enhancing Reputation — at a Low Cost

With an American eBuilder Warranty, you can:

  • Expand your pool of buyers
  • Help protect your investment
  • Reduce the risk associated with selling a new home
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Get credit for those times you go above and beyond expectations

We’re the go-to source for builders who want ease, protection and affordability. Give us a call at 866-566-2090 or complete our contact form to learn more about our HUD approved 10-year warranties!