Secure Peace of Mind with American eBuilder’s Texas New Home Warranty Program

At American eBuilder, we understand building, marketing and selling a newly-constructed home can unfortunately mean the beginning of a host of problems.  When buyers and builders don’t agree on covered repairs, costly disputes sometimes result.  You can eliminate the issues accompanying an”implied warranty” when you purchase the new home warranty Texas builders count on for easy convenience and affordable reliability. American eBuilder is active throughout Texas – from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Houston, Texarkana to El Paso offering Texas structural warranties, Texas 10 year warranties, and more!

Builder Warranties in Texas and Beyond TX

American eBuilder is proud to offer a variety of warranty programs that protect builders against structural defects.  American eBuilder offers a 10-year expressed written limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials and structural components for builders  who need to satisfy the requirements of HUD financing such as for FHA, VA or USDA loans.   AeB also offers standard warranty programs for customers utilizing  conventional financing, too.  From Texas to Tennessee, from Pennsylvania to North Dakota, American eBuilder can help you protect  your investments and your reputation.

The Home Warranty Texas Builders Count On for a Sales and Marketing Advantage

American eBuilder, a Texas home warranty provider, can show you how to use your warranty protection to your sales and marketing advantage.  Your buyers can relax knowing that they are protected in the unlikely event a structural defect or problem occurs.  And because what is warranted and what is not warranted is no longer left uncertain, you won’t have to waste your business’s precious resources defending unnecessary claims.

Minimal Paperwork. Streamlined Customization. Affordable Reliability.

We make the warranty process simple, hassle-free and convenient with our online purchase system, thus eliminating last-minute problems.  Just “Point, Click, and Print” and you are on your way to a closing.  Because we offer HUD type for FHA, VA and USDA financing, you won’t have to spend  any more time searching online for other “home warranty TX” programs.  Another advantage: when your buyers use conventional financing, we can even offer a premier “1+9” builders warranty — preferable in many cases to the standard “2+8”  agreement, because it is similar to what most builders are used to providing.

Since our warranty programs typically cost less than 1/3 of 1 percent of a home’s purchase price, you can minimize risk, enhance your reputation and provide peace of mind to your buyers for an incredibly reasonable price.

Contact American eBuilder at your convenience online or by calling us directly at 866-526-2090. We are proud to be active throughout all of Texas – from Dallas/Ft. Worth to Houston, Austin, and Abilene