An Introduction to 10-Year Structural Warranties

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The Structural Warranty

Ever since the 1970s, builders have been able to provide a 10-year written Structural Warranty on new homes. Although this type of warranty is certainly not new to the home building industry, many individuals, including builders, know very little about the purpose of a written structural warranty and the benefits it provides to both the builder and their home buyers.

Quite simply, home warranty plans from American eBuilder protect your business and your professional reputation. A 10-year new home warranty clearly articulates warranted items for the homebuyers — distinguishing between a “written” and “implied” warranty. The homebuilder can see exactly what the builder is responsible for in detailed, written form. You need a 10-year new home warranty that spells out clearly what is warranted and what is not, and American eBuilder can help you in selecting which warranty best suits your needs.

Types of Warranties Available

Types of warranties that may cover a home include a 10-year structural home warranty. Structural defect warranties cover load-bearing elements of the home which experience specific physical damage. At American eBuilder, our member builders have several structural warranty options, including

  • The “2+8” HUD (FHA/VA) Compatible Warranty: This warranty is available in most states and is appropriate for HUD-financed homes. It includes a two-year written builder’s limited warranty and a 10-year written limited warranty on warranted structural components.
  • The “1+9” Warranty: This warranty is available in most states and applies to non-HUD (FHA/VA) financed homes. It includes a one-year written builder’s limited warranty and a 10-year written limited warranty on warranted structural components.
  • Standard 5-Year Remodelers Warranty: This warranty applies to minor or major remodels, additions, flip homes, and large-scale renovations. Builders can tailor the warranty to cover work done exclusively by them, eliminating the liability of work done by others. With this warranty, the remodeler is responsible for the first year, similar to a builder’s “punch list,” and then the Insurer covers the remaining 4 years on warranted structural components. Homeowners have peace of mind knowing that American eBuilder has vetted their remodeling professional as a quality vendor.
  • The “2+4” TEXAS 6-Year Warranty: This is a new warranty offering designed specifically for any builder in the state of Texas. It is very similar to the standard 10-year warranty, but with a shorter duration. This is possible because the TX legislature passed a law allowing it. NOTE: This is ONLY for builders in TEXAS.

Why American eBuilder?

Our goal is to educate builders, Realtors, lenders, and homeowners about the purpose and benefits of having a structural home warranty. Investing in our warranties helps to protect you and your customers, and we want to be sure you completely understand the terms. Check out our infographic about warranty coverage too!

You’ll find answers to most of your questions about our warranties throughout our site. If you still have inquiries after browsing, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We’ll help you discover how an American eBuilder 10-year new home or 5-year remodeling warranty can protect your business’ investment, as well as your professional reputation.