Why Do I Need A Residential & Homeowners Warranty?

A new home warranty provides homeowner benefits. Here are reasons why you should ask for an American eWarranty HUD compatible new home warranty from your builder:

  • As a HUD, FHA/VA, USDA compatible warranty, this saves you and your builder time and money. New Homeowners
  • Purchasing a new home is the biggest investment of your life! If you bought a new big screen TV and 8 months later, it stopped operating, would you expect the manufacturer to fix it? Of course! You received a written warranty that stated the TV would work. So why would you accept a 1 year implied warranty on your new home? It only makes sense to ask your builder to provide a 10 Year American eWarranty.
  • The warranty is transferable. If you decide to sell your home within the first 10 years of your American eWarranty, the remaining portion of the warranty may be transferred to the subsequent owner. (Please see your warranty booklet for specific details.) Therefore, this could attract more buyers when your home is placed on the market.
  • How do I pick a great builder? If he provides the American eWarranty, you can be assured that we have thoroughly screened him. We have checked the builder’s reputation, background, experience and financial stability. Plus, we are willing to stand behind our builder members – if they fail to fulfill their warranty commitments, we will.
  • I want my home relatively free from defects. The definition of “relative” varies, but the American eWarranty precisely identifies the scope of a defect. The warranty becomes a written commitment that warranted defects in workmanship and materials will be resolved. Specific warranted items and time frames are defined in your actual warranty, and may differ from state to state.
  • It’s a written warranty. You know what will be covered by the warranty and for how long. As a limited warranty, you can also see what is considered as homeowner maintenance. (Please see your warranty booklet for specific details.)
  • In most cases, your builder’s service after the sale will be quite satisfactory and you may not need to refer to your warranty  What if you have an issue or question about your warranty? Just being able to reference your builder’s written American eWarranty will give you clarification and offer you peace of mind.
  • What if my builder won’t respond? With the American eWarranty, you have a built-in process for resolving disputes.

Ask your builder to contact us today to reap these many great new homeowner benefits!