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American eBuilder is today’s premier source of convenient, affordable and customizable home warranties available for the Louisiana Construction, Real Estate and Lending industries.  Contact us and discover why we are the home warranty Louisiana builders, real estate agents and lenders count on to protect their businesses and reputations. LA

The New Home Warranty Louisiana Uses for HUD, FHA, & VA Financing

Unlike other Louisiana home warranty companies, American eBuilder is proud to provide new home builders with the tools they need to affordably and efficiently offer a 10-year new home warranty to their buyers using government-sponsored financing buyers using government-sponsored HUD financing.  We offer structural builder warranties and remodeler warranties, and we even offer a premier “1+9” builder’s warranty for buyers using conventional financing.  Since our team is comprised of professionals from the Construction and Real Estate sectors, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers secure the coverage they require.

American eBuilder Makes Life Easier for Louisiana Construction Professionals

We make our warranties available online so you have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, preventing a host of last-minute problems.  Our online process also makes acquiring a warranty painless, with less paperwork and  quick results.  With the AeB Point, Click and Print process, you won’t have a closing delayed because the warranty company failed to deliver.  When you need a warranty, it is conveniently yours to attain and print off, any time day or night.

American eBuilder’s warranties minimize your exposure to unnecessary risk and they distinguish you as a reputable builder who cares about your customers.

Easing the Sales Process

No one understands the concerns of the new home buyer quite like American eBuilder.  When you purchase a warranty from us, you provide your customers with unparalleled peace of mind.  American eBuilder’s expressed written warranties spell everything out clearly for the protection of both you and your buyer.  That means the sales process can proceed with fewer questions and concerns on the part of your buyers.

Affordable and Efficient

The American eBuilder warranty frequently costs less than 1/3 of 1 percent of a home’s sale price, making it a remarkably resource-efficient way to enhance and protect your reputation while providing superior customer service to your buyers.

Contact American eBuilder at 866-526-2090 and find out how we can help you build your business today.