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As a quality builder in Utah, you want to give your buyers the best home for their money. And you likely already provide a verbal agreement to fix things that might go wrong in the first year. That has served you well. But in today’s competitive new home market, you need an edge to set you apart from your competition. This is where offering a 10-year new home warranty can give you an advantage!

Utah New Home Warranty

Why Offer a 10-Year New Home Warranty?

Most defects in workmanship and materials occur during the first year of home ownership. But after that, there is a possibility of foundation issues that your verbal agreement would not cover. And most US states have a “Statute of Repose,” which means that for that additional period of time, YOU would be responsible for foundation issues. This is a definite liability of risk that you don’t want to have. If you were to provide an American eBuilder New Home Warranty, you can mitigate that risk easily!

What Does a New Home Warranty Cover?

Our Utah New Home Warranties are called limited, expressed coverage, which means that they enumerate exactly what is covered, when it is covered and also how to file a claim. A typical 10-year warranty is sometimes called a 2-10 warranty. This is because the builder has responsibility for specific things during the first 2 years and the warrantor covers issues for years 3-10. For the first year, the builder is responsible for defects in materials or workmanship, which is very similar to the verbal punchlist you likely already offer. In year 2, the builder is responsible for delivery systems defects: plumbing, HVAC, electricity and sewer. In the remaining years, the insurer bears responsibility for structural defects. This type of coverage greatly reduces your risk.

A 10-Year Warranty Gives You a Marketing Advantage

Would you like to have an advantage over your competitors? Offering a 10-year warranty to your buyers can give you that edge. Today’s home buyers are quite savvy and like to shop around to get the best deal. While price can be part of that decision, buyers also appreciate knowing that their purchase has extensive protection from problems as well. To help you show your potential buyers the benefits of a 10-year new home warranty, we have wonderful marketing tools, such as a table tent with an infographic, sample warranties to show and brochures that explain how the warranty works.

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