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What Do Builder Warranties in Arizona Cover?

American eBuilder offers the flexibility to choose the Arizona New Home Warranty that best meets your business needs. Our 10-year expressed written limited structural warranty provides coverage for defects in materials, workmanship, systems installation and the major load-bearing structural components of a home. Our HUD warranty is available to builders who wish to comply with the guidelines of HUD lending instruments such as FHA, VA and USDA loans. You’ll also find warranty products pertaining to traditional financing situations.

Arizona 10 year warranties

Many of our clients prefer our “2+8” builder warranties. With this product, you’re only responsible for specific repair or replacement issues that occur within the first two years. The burden on warranted structural components then shifts to the Warrantor for the next eight years. Our “1+9” warranty requires you to address warranted items during the first year, while our Insurer offers coverage on load-bearing structural components the following nine years. (Note: the 1+9 program is not eligible for HUD-financed building projects.) We also offer five-year warranties for projects such as major renovations, additions, rehabs, and flips.

A New Home Warranty Program Delivers a Host of Benefits

A home warranty from American eBuilder can benefit your company in several ways. It potentially can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. It can also help to enhance your company’s reputation. Many Builders exceed warranty standards, but your homeowners might not recognize your extra level of care. By providing a warranty, you increase your chances of getting credit, by showing your customers your actions are over and above what is specified.

A home warranty also gives you a few marketing advantages. Homeowners will take comfort in knowing they have protection in the event of defects throughout the first 10 years of property ownership. They’ll also appreciate the warranty’s transferability (see warranty booklet for specific details), which means they can pass it on to prospective buyers if they choose to sell the home during the coverage period.

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