Charges Associated with the Program

cost of membership at american ebuilder

As the old saying goes, sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money. But in our case, we’re not talking an exorbitant amount! A small, upfront investment in American eBuilder’s program will benefit your reputation and increase your sales.

With minimal paperwork, we can ensure that risk to you after the sale with implied warranty laws is minimized. Getting everything in writing will give you and the homebuyer peace of mind. In addition, a warranty is added value to the home, which means a bigger pay day for you.

The addition of a warranty is also a great sales and marketing tool. Getting more feet through the door of your homes means a quicker sale and less carrying costs.


Application Fees

The cost for membership can vary. We have several different application fees for those who wish to join the program, some of which are relative to the speed in which we process an application. For example, a rush application can be expedited in 24 hours, but has a slightly higher fee. We also have lower application fees that are designed for those builders who are coming from other warranty programs.

Once a builder is a member of American eBuilder, he will need to renew his/her membership on a yearly basis to stay active in our program. This too requires a relatively small charge.


Warranty Options

As for the cost associated with generating warranties, most builder members of American eBuilder have multiple warranty options and therefore, as many options in costs. This can range from a flat rate on each home, to a rate per thousand in conjunction with the final sales price.

Generally speaking, the 10-year American eBuilder Warranty will cost less than the front door of a new home. If you’re still not sure if American eBuilder’s warranty program is right for you, talk to us and let us share the success stories of builders and contractors just like you. Simply call us toll-free at 866-526-2090. A sales representative dedicated to your state will be happy to assist you with our specific pricing features.