The Home Warranty Company Team Built From Experience

new home warranty companies pennsylvaniaBeing part of a PA home warranty company and a nationwide home warranty company, the staff at American eBuilder has had years of experience in the new home warranty industry.  We are proud to serve many states such as Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, North Dakota, North and South Carolina, New Jersey and many more throughout the United States. For a complete list of all of the states in which we provide warranty coverage, click here. Our clients include premier Real Estate, Lending, New Home Construction and Remodeling professionals. Among all of the home warranties companies from which they could choose, they partner with American eBuilder because we provide our clients with an easy, affordable and convenient way to protect their businesses and reputations. We know the industry and our expertise shows.

The staff at American eBuilder has served the new home warranty industry as national account managers, marketing directors, sales representatives, head of builder membership departments, underwriting managers, dispute settlement specialists and enrollment directors. In short, construction and Real Estate professionals in Pennsylvania and all across the nation know they can count on us to understand their concerns and needs.

Also, included on our team have been retired builders who brought special skills in working with consumers, inspection and code enforcement regulations and understanding of the building industry. With American eBuilder, you can relax knowing we have your business’s best interests at heart.

From the beginning, we at American eBuilder have been dedicated to providing a service that is professional, personal and convenient to those who partner with our program. Contact us and discover how a home warranty can protect your professional investment and reputation today.