What Does a Kansas New Home Warranty Cover?

Our Kansas builder warranties protect your home-buyers against workmanship, materials, systems installations and structural defects that may occur during the first 10 years of ownership. We offer a Kansas new home warranty suitable for HUD-financing, such as FHA- and VA-backed loans, as well as for traditional lending venues. We give you the flexibility to choose the product that best meets your and your customers’ needs. Kansas New Home Warranty

Our most popular option is our “2+8” new home warranty. With this warranty, you are liable for specific warranted repairs and replacements for the first two years. Our Insurer then takes over the risk on warranted structural components for the next eight years. A variant of the 2+8 is the 2+8 HUD warranty, which HUD-financed loans may require. If your business also performs major remodeling or home renovation projects, additions, rehabs or flips, you should consider our 5-Year Remodelers Warranty.

Why Consider Builder Warranties in Kansas?

If you’ve been in the home-building business for a while, you know unforeseen problems can occur. The more projects you complete, the higher your risk. An American eBuilder home warranty could save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, in repair and replacement costs. Under the worst-case scenario, warranty coverage could mean the difference between your staying in business and not staying in business.

Your reputation is among your most valuable assets. When you provide our warranties, you actually help bolster your company’s reputation in a highly competitive marketplace. How? You may be one of those builders that exceeds what the warranty requires with repairs and now, you have the capability of pointing that out. What might have been an unspoken guarantee without the warranty, is now an ace in your hand!

In addition, your offering a home warranty to your customers provides marketing benefits for your buyers. They’ll love that the warranty is transferable (please see warranty booklet for specific details). That’s an attractive selling feature if they decide to list their home for re-sale.

Contact Us to Learn More About our Kansas New Home Warranty Options

Give us a call to discover how a Kansas home warranty from American eBuilder can provide immediate and future dividends for your company — and possibly save you a huge sum of money. For more information, give us a call at (866) 526-2090 or contact us online today.