The Arkansas New Home Warranty: Built for Builders in “The Natural State”!

As an Arkansas home builder, we know you build every home with care, and you want to offer your homebuyers the best home for their money. You take pride in your homes, and you listen to your homebuyers’ concerns about their punch-list items. Why would you need a 10-year new home warranty in addition to all of that?

Arkansas New Home WarrantyOur 10-year expressed, written structural warranties are “built for builders!” While your verbal assurance that you’ll fix things is great, an extended warranty offers you and your buyers so much more.  For you, the 10-year Arkansas new home warranty offers you risk mitigation, marketing advantages and increased value. You gain peace of mind, knowing that the written warranty protects your reputation and risk over the longer term. This is particularly important with the structural coverage up to 10 years. In addition, your offering a 10-year warranty is a great way to market your homes. Buyers appreciate knowing specific coverages for defects in materials, workmanship, delivery systems or structural components. Finally, your offering an Arkansas new home warranty increases the value of the homes you sell.

What Types of New Home Warranties Can I Purchase?

We offer various types of Arkansas new home warranties. The 2+8 is our most popular warranty. With the 2+8, you are responsible for specific warranted repairs which occur over the first 2 years. After that, the Insurer covers specific structural components, which the warranty booklet defines. Our HUD-compatible 2+8 warranty allows you to market your homes to any buyer who is using HUD financing, such as FHA, VA and USDA loans.

Another warranty type available is the 1+9. In the 1+9, you address warranted items during the first year only, and the Insurer covers load-bearing structural components over the remaining 9 years. The 1+9 is NOT appropriate for HUD financing.

We also have Arkansas 5-year Remodeling warranties for projects such as additions, flips, rehabs and major renovations.

Contact us about our Arkansas New Home Warranties!

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