We Integrate With Your System

As a Builder, you have a choice to make when deciding on a 10 Year Warranty Program that will best suit your needs.  We believe that choice should be American eBuilder and here’s why…

When American eBuilder was conceived, it was created with America’s premier builders in mind.  They play a significant part in making the American Dream possible and it was our goal to develop a program that catered to a builder’s schedule, so they could keep on doing what they do best.

We knew from past experience that paperwork was not high on a builder’s priority list of things to do, so we eliminated the paperwork log jam and simplified the warranty process by being the first Warranty Program to incorporate internet technology into its business model.  No more hassle and no more delays.

With the advancement of electronic submission, online payment and the capability of generating & printing a warranty 24/7 right there in the builder’s office, our Builder Members can maximize their day doing the tasks that create income and give them the greatest satisfaction.

This program along with the warranty options available through American eBuilder, stand out as being innovative, streamline and affordable.  From flexibility, to the utmost in user-friendliness and efficiency, we make your satisfaction our top priority.

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