If you’re a Maine Builder, you likely have heard about the rise in construction even during the Pandemic. Maine has been one of only 15 states to see a rise in residential housing, while the rest of the US declined. Whether you work on single or multi-family home projects or focus on remodeling work, Maine New Home and Remodeling Warranties are even more vital now than before. Without reliable warranty protection, your company’s good name and financial solvency could be at risk. Maine New Home and Remodeling Warranties

American eBuilder provides HUD 10-year warranties for FHA and VA lending, as well as conventional financing to meet your Maine warranty needs. As a builder member, you can access multiple options all in one place. We make it easy for you to offer terms that comply with your buyers’ requirements.

What Are Maine Warranty Options?

At American eBuilder, we specialize in 10-year, new construction warranties which cover material defects, limited workmanship, delivery systems and serious structural issues. One of our options is a “2+8” 10-year warranty. In the 2+8, builders replace or repair specific issues during the first two-year period, followed by an eight-year span where the Insurer picks up the coverage for warranted structural and delivery system concerns. Another choice is the “1+9” warranty (not eligible for HUD financing) which reduces your responsibility period to one year.

If your company works on remodeling projects, we also offer a 5-year warranty that includes a one year warranty against faulty workmanship and materials and five years of protection against warranted structural components, not including any pre-existing foundation.

What Are the Benefits of Our Maine Home Builder Warranties?

An American eBuilder warranty offers a host of benefits for both you and the buyer, including:

  • Saving tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs
  • Affordable protection for just about any builder
  • Adding value to new home sales
  • Transferable (please see warranty booklet for specific details) — if the buyer sells the home, they may transfer the warranty to the new owner
  • Enhancing your reputation in the marketplace choices
  • Giving both you and the buyer peace of mind

Our Warranties Use Easy-to-Understand Language

While some home warranties include deceptively vague language that offers builders and buyers a false sense of security, American eBuilder Maine Home Builder Warranties contain clear, concise language with no ambiguities. We list all the issues we cover — defective joists, improperly installed sub-flooring, significant nail pops, etc. — and also what our warranties don’t include. An American eBuilder warranty clearly states the specific responsibilities of the builder and buyer when such problems occur.

In addition, our warranties ensure safeguarding your company’s reputation. You won’t have to make the difficult choice between either handling a repair or exasperating a homeowner who might spread negative comments about your business and limit your ability to gain more customers.

Contact Us Now to Explore Your Maine New Home Warranty Options

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