Adding Value With an American eBuilder 10-Year Structural Warranty

10 year structural warranty

Before you enter into your next contract with a buyer, you might want to ask yourself: would you rather be in a position where you have to navigate potential disputes with a buyer years after construction is complete or would you prefer to rest easy knowing you have the backing of a 10-year Home Warranty Program to assist you? With the American eBuilder 10-year Warranty Program, you will be able to present a warranty that clearly defines a timeline of what is and by whom a defect is warranted.

Perhaps you’ve been in the business for a while and have always gotten by with a standard 1-year warranty. Why should you pay for a 10-year new home warranty? Well, first, if you have been in the business for years without a problem that a 1-year warranty could not easily solve, you have been lucky.

A lot can go wrong with a house over the years, despite your best efforts, and without warranted structural components, you could find yourself tied up in costly disputes with buyers for a long time. A 10-year structural home warranty helps protect you against such a situation. If it saves you the time and money involved with only one issue with a buyer’s home, the warranty is likely to pay for itself easily.

The American eBuilder 10-year new home warranty is one of the most affordable components to the sale of a newly constructed home, if compared against the possible time, materials and labor required to address costly structural problems in the name of customer service. Our team understands this firsthand, because our American eBuilder staff includes experienced professionals.

The cost of a warranty is often less than 1/3 of 1% of the final sales price of a home. That’s right; the cost is far less than even one percent of a home. A standard front door costs more. On the 2011 National Results of single-family home price and cost breakdowns, a 10-year warranty cost less than the lowest cost item on the list – gutters. This is minimal, when you consider that the new home warranty is good for 10 years, and the remodelers warranty extends for 5 years.

The reality is, as the home builder, you can easily incorporate this expense into the home’s sale price. The cost will look almost negligible to you, when compared to the other expenses involved in constructing a new home, and it will provide you peace of mind.

An additional benefit is that your buyer will enjoy the comfort of having a written warranty to protect them against warranted problems, which may arise with the home. At the same time, you receive an easy and simple process for identifying and limiting your risk.

Although a 10-year warranty is not an insurance policy, in some ways, a warranty is like major medical coverage…it’s something you hope to never use, but if needed, it can provide major benefits. American eBuilder can provide you with a 10-year new home warranty that is HUD-compatible, making it easier for you to get contracts with buyers using FHA or VA loans to finance their home. What’s the value of a 10-year warranty, when counted against not getting the contract at all?

You can order, customize, print and have a 10-year new home warranty from American eBuilder ready for your buyer almost instantly. All you have to do to start is contact American eBuilder today. We will be happy to assist you and share with you how warranty programs can protect your business investment as well as your professional reputation.