Why Do I Need an AeB Builders Structural Warranty?

Savvy construction professionals would be among the first to recommend securing a home builders warranty for each and every property you build and sell. Let the professionals at American eBuilder explain how fast, easy and convenient it is to purchase a builder home warranty that protects you from a variety of common problems.

Reasons as to Why You Should Offer an AeB Home Builder Warranty

builders structural warranty

  1. Creates Peace of Mind – You have met tough membership standards and are providing extended warranty coverage.  The AeB builders home warranty program will protect the financial investment you’ve made in your business as well as your professional reputation.
  2. Clarifies Homebuyer Expectations – The warranty defines what is and is not included; no longer will an “implied” warranty be the norm.
  3. Reduces Complaints – It’s tough to tell a new homeowner their complaint is not warranted.  Your written warranty is an invaluable tool to clearly explain what is and is not included.
  4. Educates Buyers – The warranty emphasizes home maintenance.
  5. Enhances Your Reputation – Most builders exceed the warranty standards.  Get credit for it by showing your customers your actions are over and above what is specified in the warranty.
  6. Levels the Playing Field – Without a written warranty, your homeowner issues may ultimately be decided by the legal system and you are at the mercy of the court.  With the American eBuilder Warranty, you have a warranty based on industry standards that are fair to all parties.
  7. Avoids Unforeseen Structural Issues – Like a major medical policy, the warranty is there to provide coverage.
  8. Provides Added Home Value – How much is the typical front door?  For most builders, the 10-year American eBuilder Warranty costs less, but to the homeowner, the American eBuilder Warranty adds value to their home.  That makes your homes preferable to similar homes without a builder warranty.
  9. Adds a Marketing Tool – Increase your sales by providing this warranty and take advantage of the free marketing tools and brochures that American eBuilder offers you.
  10. Reduces Risk – You never think the worst is going to happen.  Statistics show that major structural problems occur about as frequently as major fire damage.  The one-time charge for an American eBuilder Warranty is miniscule compared to annual homeowner insurance premiums.
  11. Resolves Disputes – The warranty includes binding arbitration to resolve issues without a costly legal process.
  12. It Just Makes Sense – If you bought a new 65” Flat Screen TV and 11 months later, it stopped operating, would you expect the manufacturer to fix it?  Of course you would, but why? Because you received a written warranty that stated the TV would work.  So why would you sell a home and expect the buyer to accept a 1 year warranty on the biggest investment of their lives?  It only makes sense to provide the

American eBuilder 10 Year New Home Warranty