As a new home builder in New Mexico, you face challenges. From site preparation to construction costs, you have to be sure every detail is in order.

New Mexico New Home WarrantyAnd post-construction, you likely offer your homebuyers a call-back, to fix any defective items that crop up during the first year. This has worked well for your business, so why would you want to provide a written, 10-year New Mexico New Home Warranty?

The Benefits of Offering a Longer-Term Warranty

While a verbal, 1-year warranty is admirable, a more comprehensive, 10-year warranty can offer both you and your buyers some great advantages. First, for you, the written, specific 10- year warranty offers risk mitigation, marketing advantages and also an enhanced reputation. Because the parameters of the warranty are written and enumerated, as well as who is responsible for the repairs, you are protected from expensive issues that might arise several years into the home’s ownership. A 10-year warranty also allows you to market your homes with an assurance that the homeowners have extensive post-construction coverage. And finally, being a member builder of our warranty program is something you can add to your website or Houzz listing that shows your excellent reputation.

For the homebuyer, an expressed, written 10-year New Mexico new home warranty offers great peace of mind over the long-term. They know exactly what is and is not covered, and they also know who to contact in specific years of the warranty.

How Does the New Mexico New Home Warranty Program Work?

The first step in your being able to provide 10-year new home warranties is to apply for membership in our builder program. This is a simple, online form. Once approved, you are able to “point, click and print” a warranty with ease from our builder web portal. It’s quick, easy and cost-effective!

For New Mexico, we offer several types of new home warranties. The first is our most popular, the 2+8 10-year warranty. In this warranty, the builder covers the first year of specific materials and workmanship defects, very similar to the punch-list you already likely provide. In the second year, the builder is only responsible for defects in the major delivery systems: electrical, plumbing, HVAC and sewer. For years 3-10, the Insurer bears responsibility for major structural defects. The 2+8 warranty is available for both standard and for HUD financing.

We also have a 1+5, 5-year Remodeler’s warranty, in the event that you do house rehabs, renovations and flips. The Remodeler’s warranty only covers new construction in a previously existing home.

Sound Interesting? Contact Us!

If being able to offer your clients a New Mexico new home warranty sounds like a good idea, we’d love to hear from you! Please call our office toll-free at 866-526-2090 or use our website contact form to get in touch. We look forward to talking with you!