As a new home builder in the beautiful and scenic state of Oregon, you know that you want to provide the very best to your buyers. You likely already do a call-back or punch-list after one year, and that is great! But just imagine if you could offer even more coverage and service to your prospective customers. Our Oregon Structural Warranty for new homes is a perfect addition to do just that, affordably.

Oregon Structural WarrantyWhy Provide Additional Coverage?

The typical new home builder provides a year of fixing things that the homeowners discover defective. But beyond that, other things potentially could go wrong. The major systems: plumbing, sewer, electric and HVAC all could have delivery system failures. An even larger issue could be a structural problem. If you, as a builder had to cover such repairs, it could expose you to great risk, both financially and in reputation. But with an American eBuilder Oregon Structural Warranty for new homes, all of those areas are covered, in a 10-year warranty!

What Does the Oregon Structural Warranty Cover?

The Oregon Structural Warranty is a 10-year, written, expressed warranty. This means that the homeowners get a booklet which explains what is covered, when it’s covered and how to get a repair if necessary. They know exactly what is and is not a warranted issue. The 10-year warranty is also called a 2+8 warranty, because of how coverage is divided. For year 1, the builder covers repairs on workmanship and defects, just as you would on a normal call-back list. For year 2, the builder is only responsible for defects in the major delivery systems (plumbing, sewer, electrical and HVAC). After that, the Insurer continues coverage for years 3-10. That coverage is for structural defects. All of the coverages are written in clear, concise terms. The 10- year warranty comes in both standard form and also in HUD-financing form.

If you do remodels or flips, we also have a 5-year Remodeler warranty. This Remodeler warranty is a 1+4 warranty and covers only the new part of the construction and not the original foundation.

Does a Structural Warranty Offer Other Advantages?

It certainly does! When you offer an American eBuilder new home Oregon structural warranty, you get a marketing edge that your competitors don’t have. You can advertise that you provide a 10-year warranty on your website, if you have one, or in your office or model home with an informative table-tent. Buyers love to know that they will get such extensive coverage. Providing a 10-year warranty will also give you a reputation boost, as word-of-mouth spreads.

Interested? Take the Next Step!

If having the advantages of a 10-year structural warranty appeals to you, we’d love to talk with you. Give us a call at 866-526-2090 or complete our Contact Form. We hope to hear from you soon!