Great news! Your personal builder menu now offers a new feature that quite a few of you have requested: a Warranty Cost Estimator! In the past, to see what a warranty would cost, you only had two options – create a warranty you didn’t intend to purchase yet, or do calculations manually based on your rate and the formula you received when you originally joined us. Neither of those options was easy. But now, you have a menu option to do just that; estimate a warranty price with ease. To use the calculator, log in to your builder menu and … Read more »

New Things Coming! We are updating our website Builder menu and warranty-ordering portal! These changes will make the ordering process much better, with simplicity, edit-ability and a modern appearance. The new system should be live in February or March of 2020. In addition, to prepare, we’ve also redesigned our warranty format to be more user-friendly as well, featuring an easy-to read cover and a table of contents to assist in navigation! Sections of the Warranty are marked much more clearly, on every page of the document. We’ve kept the new warranty format grey-scale to help builders keep printing costs lower … Read more »

Hey there. Yes you! You are a SMART builder, if you’ve joined our New Home Warranty program as a member builder. What??? You haven’t joined yet? Why on earth not? Oh, you don’t see any good reason to spend the money? Ok, well, let’s talk! How exactly do you benefit by joining us? RISK First of all, as a builder member, you are protected against risk. When a buyer purchases a new home, they like the assurance that their home is in fabulous condition. Typically, as a builder, you would allow them to have a call-back for a punch list … Read more »

Why Would a Home Buyer Need a Written Warranty? If you were to buy a new, HD plasma TV and 8 months after your purchase, it stopped working, would you expect the manufacturer to repair or replace it? Naturally, you would, because most large appliances come with a written warranty which assures you that the manufacturer will repair or replace it if it breaks after only 8 months. Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person will ever have. It makes sense that the buyer would also expect such a large purchase to include a substantial warranty … Read more »

Active Soil or Expansive Soil We are working on some blog posts about active soil. Some of our builders live in areas of the US which, because of the geological composition of the soil, are prone to major movement in home foundations. As a result, the movement of these foundations causes structural damage to walls, floors, windows, doors, exteriors, interiors and other areas. In such scenarios, walls gap, floor tile cracks, windows become difficult to close, doors refuse to open or close and the exterior can develop large cracks. Clay is NOT Our Friend! The main soil movement happens when … Read more »

Pressure Treated lumber (PT lumber) is a very convenient and affordable choice to offer your home buyers for exterior applications. It offers durability, rot resistance and termite protection. The chemical process which infuses these characteristics, however, can have some undesirable consequences. One such consequence is twisting over time. How Pressure Treated Lumber is Created Originally, manufacturers preserved Pressure Treated lumber with a chemical known as Chromated Copper Arsenic. The EPA eventually decided that the toxicity of this chemical was quite dangerous and recommended that such wood be treated with a penetrating oil finish bi-annually. But over time, lumber manufacturers stopped … Read more »

Tile is still an exciting trend in new home construction and in remodeling as well. But as with most trends, the styles and patterns for kitchens and baths are changing for 2017. We’ll let you know how! Subway Tile In recent years, subway tile, with its clean lines and pristine white glaze, has become a staple for kitchen and bathroom walls. This style is still going strong, but with a twist. Instead of only the white glaze, manufacturers are promoting pops of color for subway tiles. From pastel pinks to bold turquoise, subway tile options are booming. In addition, installation … Read more »

As we noted last year, a trend began in 2016 which sought to bring the outdoors inside. This trend utilized large windows and expansive patio doors which opened to an outdoor space. The outdoor living trend has only intensified in 2017. Spacious entertaining and cool areas without using a lot of energy are the primary driving forces which are promoting this trend. Top Remodeling Project Adding a fully functional outdoor living space is one of the most requested remodeling projects reported by contractors across the US. Qualified Remodeler Magazine reports, in its April 2017 issue, that 84.4% of remodeling contractors … Read more »

In the past, we’ve discussed the use of technology in construction from a homeowner’s viewpoint. It is true that the Internet of Things has blossomed wide open for homeowners to have “smart” homes. But tech is not only transforming the construction experience for the homeowner – it’s changing the way builders work as well. We will examine several innovations which will make your job, as a builder, easier. Headgear Wearable gear is one way to use technology to both enhance your capabilities or to increase your safety. For example, Augmented Reality glasses or a visor can superimpose 3D models on … Read more »

In the past few decades, the most important room for family gathering and social interaction was primarily a family room or great room. That was a shift away from the kitchen’s being a traditional gathering spot in the mid Twentieth Century. However, in 2016, this trend has begun to shift away from the family room. Now, the room which families often designate as important for gathering and socializing is once more the kitchen. As a builder, what can you do to meet this growing need in homes you build? We’ve gathered the latest kitchen trends for your enlightenment! The Appliances … Read more »