As a builder, you always keep an eye out for little things that can set your homes apart from the competition. One trending upgrade, which resonates with consumers, is Circadian Lighting. Circadian lighting in a home refers to lighting systems designed to mimic the natural changes in light throughout the day. These changes align with our body’s circadian rhythms. These rhythms regulate our sleep-wake cycle, hormone production, and other bodily functions over roughly a 24-hour period. What Does Circadian Lighting Include? Typically, circadian lighting systems use smart LED bulbs or fixtures that can adjust their color temperature and brightness throughout … Read more »

Are YOU connected? Many builders use email, which is a good start. But fewer actually have a website, and even those who do may or may not use that website to their best advantage. Having a robust online presence is increasingly crucial for home builders in today’s digital age. Here are some reasons why your connection is vital: Why YOU Should be Connected Visibility: A strong online presence ensures that potential customers can find you easily, when they search for home builders in their area. This visibility increases the likelihood of attracting leads and inquiries. Credibility: An informative and well-designed … Read more »

As a builder, you want to stay on top of market trends and incorporate things that your buyers are looking for. A current trend is to make a home as environmentally-friendly as possible. Doing so not only creates a better Earth, but also will ultimately save your customers money over time. You probably already do some of the ideas listed below, but there’s always room for improvement. So how can you increase your marketability and sales by building energy-efficient homes? Here are some ideas to build energy-efficient homes: Insulation: Proper insulation is crucial for maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and … Read more »

How Does 2024 New Home Market Affect You? In the wake of shifting landscapes and changing consumer preferences, the 2024 new home market stands as a testament to the dynamic nature of real estate. As we move further into 2024, certain trends are emerging. These trends shape the choices and experiences of both buyers and builders alike. Suburbs on the Rise One prominent theme this year is the a return to suburban living. Fueled by a desire for space, privacy, and a connection to nature, more individuals and families are opting for suburban locales over urban centers. This shift has … Read more »

Are you a builder in the state of Texas? If so, we have great news for you! Read on to find out about our newest Texas warranty. Until this year, Texas builders only had the option to purchase a 10-year new home warranty. But just recently, the TX legislature approved a reduced-time-period warranty type: the 6-year New Home Warranty. You can read about the Statue of Repose and related legal ramifications here. The Texas 6-year warranty is broken into a 2+4 format, in which the builder is responsible for specific items during years 1 and 2 of the warranty, and … Read more »

Great news! Your personal builder menu now offers a new feature that quite a few of you have requested: a Warranty Cost Estimator! In the past, to see what a warranty would cost, you only had two options – create a warranty you didn’t intend to purchase yet, or do calculations manually based on your rate and the formula you received when you originally joined us. Neither of those options was easy. But now, you have a menu option to do just that; estimate a warranty price with ease. To use the calculator, log in to your builder menu and … Read more »

New Things Coming! We are updating our website Builder menu and warranty-ordering portal! These changes will make the ordering process much better, with simplicity, edit-ability and a modern appearance. The new system should be live in February or March of 2020. In addition, to prepare, we’ve also redesigned our warranty format to be more user-friendly as well, featuring an easy-to read cover and a table of contents to assist in navigation! Sections of the Warranty are marked much more clearly, on every page of the document. We’ve kept the new warranty format grey-scale to help builders keep printing costs lower … Read more »

Hey there. Yes you! You are a SMART builder, if you’ve joined our New Home Warranty program as a member builder. What??? You haven’t joined yet? Why on earth not? Oh, you don’t see any good reason to spend the money? Ok, well, let’s talk! How exactly do you benefit by joining us? RISK First of all, as a builder member, you are protected against risk. When a buyer purchases a new home, they like the assurance that their home is in fabulous condition. Typically, as a builder, you would allow them to have a call-back for a punch list … Read more »

Why Would a Home Buyer Need a Written Warranty? If you purchased a new, 4K TV and 8 months after your got it, it stopped working, would you expect the manufacturer to repair or replace it? Naturally, you would, because most large appliances come with a written warranty. This written warranty assures you that the manufacturer will repair or replace it if it breaks after only 8 months. Buying a home is a much larger investment than a TV. It makes sense that the buyer would also expect such a large purchase to include a substantial warranty on the quality … Read more »

Active Soil or Expansive Soil We are working on some blog posts about active soil. Some of our builders live in areas of the US which, because of the geological composition of the soil, are prone to major movement in home foundations. As a result, the movement of these foundations causes structural damage to walls, floors, windows, doors, exteriors, interiors and other areas. In such scenarios, walls gap, floor tile cracks, windows become difficult to close, doors refuse to open or close and the exterior can develop large cracks. Clay is NOT Our Friend! The main soil movement happens when … Read more »