A New TEXAS 6-Year Warranty!

Are you a builder in the state of Texas? If so, we have great news for you! Read on to find out about our newest Texas warranty.

A Texas family buys a home with a 6-year warranty

Until this year, Texas builders only had the option to purchase a 10-year new home warranty. But just recently, the TX legislature approved a reduced-time-period warranty type: the 6-year New Home Warranty. You can read about the Statue of Repose and related legal ramifications here. The Texas 6-year warranty is broken into a 2+4 format, in which the builder is responsible for specific items during years 1 and 2 of the warranty, and then the insurer bears responsibility for specific items during years 3 through 6. This new Texas warranty option lets you have greater flexibility in your offerings to buyers.A new 6-Year Warranty for Texas



Not only can you purchase a Texas 6-year New Home Warranty for traditional financing, but we also offer a 6-year HUD warranty option for your buyers who are using FHA/HUD/USDA financing.

Just like our 10-year warranties, the 6-year warranties help both you and your home buyers. For you, they mitigate risk, add value to your homes and give you a great marketing tool. For your home buyers, the 6-year warranty offers peace of mind, reassurance that they are getting a high-quality home and shows exactly what is covered and when it’s covered. It really is a win-win perk to add to your new home sales!

Are you interested in learning more about the new Texas 6-year warranties? Please contact our office at 866-526-2090 or complete our contact form.

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