Chances are good that, if you’re visiting our website, you’re either a Builder, Remodeler or Realtor. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re wondering what we can offer you, the answer is A LOT, especially if you need a warranty FAST. Often, Builders, Remodelers and Realtors come to us after having used a state-based program, or a different private warranty company. Many have had the experience of long wait times for not just warranties, but also Municipal Forms and Letters of Acceptance. But what if the wait time is too long, and you need all of those things today? The great … Read more »

“Hi Scott! Hey, I’d like to hire you to do a few improvements on my home.” … “Well, to start with, I need a new rear entry door installed.” … “What? You’re kidding? At least a year out from now?” This was a conversation I had over a year ago with a local contractor. He literally had so much business lined up that he was scheduling a year in advance. Why the backlog? In part, this typical remodeling/home improvement wait time is due to the skilled labor shortage hitting our nation. Home sales are booming under the current economy. Builders … Read more »

The outlook for America’s housing market in 2018 and beyond is decidedly positive. Market activity is starting to pick up due to a number of factors, including lower unemployment rates, rising household incomes and restored buyer confidence in many of America’s housing markets. All of this is excellent news for new construction, which is expected to recover this year and maintain its hold in the marketplace. As housing prices continue to climb, new construction will be necessary to provide much-needed supply in some of the nation’s increasingly desirable locations. Housing Market Trends for 2018 The overall outlook moving forward into … Read more »

Pressure Treated lumber (PT lumber) is a very convenient and affordable choice to offer your home buyers for exterior applications. It offers durability, rot resistance and termite protection. The chemical process which infuses these characteristics, however, can have some undesirable consequences. One such consequence is twisting over time. How Pressure Treated Lumber is Created Originally, manufacturers preserved Pressure Treated lumber with a chemical known as Chromated Copper Arsenic. The EPA eventually decided that the toxicity of this chemical was quite dangerous and recommended that such wood be treated with a penetrating oil finish bi-annually. But over time, lumber manufacturers stopped … Read more »

As we noted last year, a trend began in 2016 which sought to bring the outdoors inside. This trend utilized large windows and expansive patio doors which opened to an outdoor space. The outdoor living trend has only intensified in 2017. Spacious entertaining and cool areas without using a lot of energy are the primary driving forces which are promoting this trend. Top Remodeling Project Adding a fully functional outdoor living space is one of the most requested remodeling projects reported by contractors across the US. Qualified Remodeler Magazine reports, in its April 2017 issue, that 84.4% of remodeling contractors … Read more »

Everyone has one of “those” neighbors … you know, the ones whose gorgeous, lush emerald green lawn looks as if it popped right out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. Obviously they pay big bucks to achieve that level of lawn care, right? Great news – not necessarily! With some savvy and the right resources, you can also develop a lawn that is the envy of your entire neighborhood. It takes a little time, but you CAN do it! The important point to note is that nurturing your lawn into a thing of beauty is not just a … Read more »

You spend your days making “Home, Sweet Homes” for your customers! We applaud you for that, and on this Valentine’s Day 2017, we wish you and yours a delightful day as well. Happy Valentine’s Day, to the strains of Vivaldi’s Spring! (Click on the red words, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to see the video)  

If your home is equipped with central air, you probably don’t need to read this post. But if you have mini-splits or window AC units, there are necessary steps you must take to ensure your AC doesn’t make you sick! Did you know that the environment inside mini-splits and window units are a haven for black mold? Ew! From allergies to just plain gross, we do NOT want mold growing there! Why Mold Grows: As an air conditioner unit works, both moisture and dust are pulled into it. Couple those ingredients with a dark interior, and you have a perfect … Read more »

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who have served, for freedom to be bought with a price. We are forever thankful.