Plumbing Systems Plumbing is a relatively care-free system in your new home. As long as everything was properly installed, your maintenance will be minimal. Nonetheless, here are main areas to be aware of in case problems arise. INTAKE VALVES: These are the shut-off valves which are installed on each sink or toilet in your home. There is also a main water shut-off valve near the spot where the main water line enters your home. Be knowledgeable about where the valves for each water source is located and be sure they turn easily. This will make your life easier if you … Read more »

Many homeowners, who purchase a new home, opt to have basic landscaping done as part of their home package, but then later fill in the flower beds and garden areas with more lush plantings gradually. But before you start digging, you should know that if you have young children or pets, a number of lovely posies can be toxic landscaping plants, and even fatal if ingested. Knowing these dangerous plants and avoiding them in your landscape will keep your loved ones safe. The Most Toxic Landscaping Plants: Whether it’s the foliage, the flowers or the berries, all of the following … Read more »