Chances are good that, if you’re visiting our website, you’re either a Builder, Remodeler or Realtor. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re wondering what we can offer you, the answer is A LOT, especially if you need a warranty FAST. Often, Builders, Remodelers and Realtors come to us after having used a state-based program, or a different private warranty company. Many have had the experience of long wait times for not just warranties, but also Municipal Forms and Letters of Acceptance. But what if the wait time is too long, and you need all of those things today? The great … Read more »

Here are our holiday hours, so you can plan ahead. But of course, since our site is always online, you can still order new warranties even if we are “closed!” That’s one of the great aspects of American eBuilder: we’re online, on time and unequaled! Friday, December 22: 8 AM-1 PM EST Monday, December 25: Closed Tuesday, December 26 through Friday, December 29: Normal hours Monday, January 1: Closed Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to all our wonderful builders!

You spend your days making “Home, Sweet Homes” for your customers! We applaud you for that, and on this Valentine’s Day 2017, we wish you and yours a delightful day as well. Happy Valentine’s Day, to the strains of Vivaldi’s Spring! (Click on the red words, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” to see the video)  

As you may know, Millennials are the generation which was born between 1980 and 2000. They currently range in age from 16 to 36. A large portion of them are just hitting the age when they start to consider buying a home. Statistically, this market is even larger than the baby boomer demographic was. How can you, as a builder, make the most of marketing to this up-and-coming generation? The first consideration is communication. Because they have grown up with technology as an integral part of their lives, Millennials do not enjoy talking on the phone as much as they … Read more »

May your New Year be prosperous and filled with joy! Happy 2016!

On the first day of Christmas, my builder gave to me … An AeB Home Warranty. On the second day of Christmas, my builder gave to me … Two fireplaces And an AeB Home Warranty. On the third day of Christmas, my builder gave to me … Three graded landscapes, two fireplaces And an AeB Home Warranty. On the fourth day of Christmas, my builder gave to me … Four plumbing systems, three graded landscapes, two fireplaces And an AeB Home Warranty. On the fifth day of Christmas, my builder gave to me … Five hardwood floors, Four plumbing systems, … Read more »

  Based in Harrisburg, PA, American eBuilder home warranty company has been serving clients in many states across the US for nearly 13 years. Because we have years of experience in the 10-year new home warranty industry, we provide knowledgeable, efficient and expert service to professionals in New Home Construction and Remodeling. Our HUD-approved 10-year warranties offer our clients an easy, affordable and convenient way to protect their businesses and reputations. The American eBuilder staff has served the new home warranty industry as national account managers, marketing directors, sales representatives, heads of builder membership departments, underwriting managers, dispute settlement specialists … Read more »