We all know that in the summer, when the sun pours on the heat, that the most comfortable remedy is to turn the AC on high. But running the AC at full blast can give us a major headache when the electric bill arrives. How can you keep your cool without breaking the bank? Here are some low energy ideas to mitigate the toastiest of days!   ALL NATURAL When possible, avoid synthetic fabrics. Whether it’s your clothing or your bedding, natural materials not only allow for better air circulation, but also wick moisture away from your body. Both of … Read more »

Have you noticed the latest home design trend? It’s sweeping the country, with one goal in mind: creating a space in a home which connects and merges into the outdoors. This harmonizes well with the use of natural materials and artisan touches which recently has also become a prominent design trend. There are several ways to incorporate this “inside out” feel into the homes you build – some rather traditional and some quite innovative. WINDOWS The first way to open up a room to the outdoors is with windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows which hinge or slide open onto a patio, terrace … Read more »