New Feature: Warranty Cost Estimator

Great news! Your personal builder menu now offers a new feature that quite a few of you have requested: a Warranty Cost Estimator! In the past, to see what a warranty would cost, you only had two options – create a warranty you didn’t intend to purchase yet, or do calculations manually based on your rate and the formula you received when you originally joined us. Neither of those options was easy. But now, you have a menu option to do just that; estimate a warranty price with ease.

Warranty Cost EstimatorTo use the calculator, log in to your builder menu and then click on the WARRANTY menu option. In the drop-down box, click on Warranty Cost Estimator* (see arrow in above photo). You will see a screen where you can enter the home sales price, the warranty type and the state and get a very close estimate to what the warranty would cost when you order it.

Please note that the Warranty Cost Estimator is a tool only available to builders who have registered with American eBuilder and have been accepted as member builders. For more information on that, please check out our membership page, or call us at 866-526-2090! Thanks for visiting American eBuilder!

*This Warranty Cost Estimator is intended to be used only for purposes of warranty cost estimation and is not to be used to create a warranty nor is it a binding contract.


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