Hey there. Yes you! You are a SMART builder, if you’ve joined our New Home Warranty program as a member builder. What??? You haven’t joined yet? Why on earth not? Oh, you don’t see any good reason to spend the money? Ok, well, let’s talk! How exactly do you benefit by joining us? RISK First of all, as a builder member, you are protected against risk. When a buyer purchases a new home, they like the assurance that their home is in fabulous condition. Typically, as a builder, you would allow them to have a call-back for a punch list … Read more »

What does the warranty cover? We have put together an info-graphic which gives you a comprehensive overview of exactly what an American eBuilder warranty could cover, when you get one with your new home. Coverage is subject to terms and conditions specified in your written warranty, so please refer to that for details. Year 1 Warranty Coverage In year 1, the builder is responsible to repair defects in workmanship and materials. This is comparable to a 1-year call back or punch-list. In the warranty booklet, a detailed chart lists specific home components as well as the tolerances for each. The … Read more »

Your home is one of the largest investments of your life! If you bought a new, big-screen TV, and 8 months later, it stopped operating, would you expect the manufacturer to fix it? Of course you would, because you received a written warranty that stated the TV would work for longer than 8 months. So why would you accept a 1-year implied warranty on your new home? It only makes sense to ask your builder to provide a limited written 10-year warranty from American eWarranty. WHAT A WARRANTY IS: When your home is being built, you trust that your builder … Read more »