Original post by Ian P. Faria & Jon Paul Hoelscher of Coats | Rose | Yale | Ryman | Lee, A Professional Corporation featured in The Metropolitan Builder, a Texas publication With the start of the New Year, now is the time to reexamine your business goals for the upcoming months. In addition to getting familiar with any new pieces of legislation that have been passed in your state that will directly impact the construction industry, contractors, builders and suppliers should make sure all contracts and insurance policies are current. You can rest assured American eBuilder is providing you with … Read more »

Understanding what factors influence a potential homeowner’s decision to buy is important. Taking action on this knowledge, however, is key to a builder’s success. For two years, Builders Digital Experience researched home buyers and how they make their decisions. The study revealed what they really thought about resale and new construction, as well as what key elements shoppers looked for when considering a home purchase. Based on this expansive research, they found that 53% of home shoppers just starting their search favored new construction. In the past year, this number has increased to 56%. With a solid interest in new … Read more »

BUILDER RISK Did You Know? Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions anyone will make over the course of their lives. Many prospective homebuyers want to lessen their risk as much as possible and increase the likelihood they will be happy with their purchase decision. Importantly, Builders also want to manage their risk of future litigation from their homeowners. The best way to manage such risk is by Builders giving new homeowners expressed, written warranties when they sell the home. Warranties assure homebuyers that the houses they are buying are in good condition. They also show homeowners that … Read more »

How does your business look online? You’re taking a big risk with your reputation if you haven’t been keeping track. With the growing popularity of sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, consumers are going online to get the personal recommendations that sell them on contracting services. Unfortunately, while 88 percent of people consider these reviews more trustworthy than their friends and neighbors, very few report back once they’re satisfied. Therefore, your chances of getting a bad review are much higher; meaning the smallest misunderstanding with a client could make a real difference to your business. Change your luck by following … Read more »

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, there are 3 simple tasks you can complete to keep business booming. 1. KEEP IN TOUCH with your current clients: The easiest way to land a new client is by keeping an existing one happy. That’s true for repeat work, as well as jobs you get through referrals. Your customers will value your services even more if you make them feel important, so remember to stay in touch. Depending on the project in progress, you may want to reach out to a current client once a week or once a day via … Read more »