Are You Plugged In? Part 5: Go Mobile

In this 21st Century world, being digital and online is a must for growing your business. Yet many of us, who did not grow up “plugged in,” find it difficult to know where to start in generating a presence online. But from customer service to lead generation, the internet is really one of your best resources for building your reputation, name-recognition and ultimately business. Let’s take a look at how you can get started … with mobile technology.

Plugged in to a website, Social Media, a blog and mobile apps

When your business is connected to the internet, it will grow.


Nearly every person in the US owns a cell phone of some sort, and most are smartphones. Another mobile technology device is the tablet.  These are instant communication devices that you cannot pass up using to market your brand. Whether it’s texting, QR codes or apps, all of these mobile venues can increase interest in your homes.


On your yard signs at construction projects, on ads in local publications, and anywhere you advertise, consider including a number for potential customers to text message. Texting provides an easy and fairly anonymous way for the consumer to get information about your construction. In fact, most of the younger generation will opt to text rather than make a phone call. Neglecting this venue could cost you sales!


A QR code is an image which can be read by a smart phone app such as Red Laser or a QR reader. You can see a sample QR code in the photo above – it’s a square filled with little boxes that create a pattern. If you scan the QR code, it will take you to a website. The QR Code above links to American eBuilder … if you have a smart phone, try scanning it! You can convert any web address to a code at a site such as the QR Code Generator. The convenience of scanning a QR means not having to type in a website address; it’s simple and easier to just scan. After you create a QR code for your website, add it to your marketing materials, to signage and to ads.


Whether the smart phone is iOS or Android, it will have apps. Of course, it would be difficult for you to create your own app, but why not get your work featured on apps that already exist? Four Square, Yelp, Trulia and Zillow are all apps which can feature your new homes and your business. For example, Four Square is an app that allows customers to “check in” to their favorite businesses. But they can’t find your business if you’re not listed on Four Square. Yelp is similar, with customers writing reviews and recommendations on businesses. If you have satisfied customers, why not ask them to create positive reviews of your business on Yelp? Trulia is an online market for real estate. Having the homes you build listed there and on Zillow will put your properties literally at the fingertips of interested buyers.

Hopefully these posts on plugging in to your market via technology have been helpful. When you decide to implement getting involved in these venues, just take it one step at a time. Trying to do everything at once would be overwhelming. But if you start small, with the basics of a website, and gradually expand from there, you will find that your business will benefit immensely from the added exposure technology will give you.

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