Staying Atop 2016 Building Trends

If you have a solid grasp of what the market trends are in construction, you can better design your homes to accommodate those trends. This in turn should increase your sales price and your number of home sales. Let’s take a look at what is on the current home-buyer’s wish list.

Home with 2016 trends incorporated


While multi-family housing was a hot trend in the 2015 housing industry, in 2016 it is predicted to slow. Instead, the single family home will have a 20% increase, according to Dodge Data’s 2016 Construction Outlook. The main driving force for this increase is the Millennial generation entering the home-buying market. As we noted in our post on marketing to Millennials, the greater amount of technology you integrate into your homes, the better for this demographic. See Maximizing the Millennial Market for other features which resonate with this group.


The current movement in remodeling is rooted in the fact that existing homeowners are serious about investing in their present homes. Home improvements drive this trend. Generally, these remodels are upgrades to add amenities to a less luxurious home. In addition, 5 million people annually relocate and move to a different home. If it’s an older home, they are willing and able to invest in remodeling to suit their own tastes. The typical remodel is to update the kitchen, renovate the bath or build an addition, such as a sun-room. A strong 2016 trend is to bring the outdoors in – via a living space which bridges the gap between the inside of the house and the outside. A final factor in the remodeling push is the desire to add technology to an older home.


In December 2015, the American Institute of Architects issued a Home Design Trends Survey which revealed that proximity to public transportation, multi-generational areas, walk-able neighborhoods and neighborhood recreational facilities are very important to the current home buyer. In general, people are more interested in walking or public transportation than in driving. This trend requires neighborhoods which are close to amenities such as shopping, dining, recreation and similar venues. Interestingly, the concept of walk-able neighborhoods appeals to both the Millennial and Baby Boomer generations.


Metallic, metallic, metallic is the watchword. From silver chrome to bronzed gold, metal is in! Not only are all metal tones hot, but there is also freedom to mix and match. Use one metal as the predominant one in a room and then use a different metal as an accent in minor places in that room. In addition to metals, natural materials are trending. Wood, stone, and just about any eco-friendly material are the top elements to use. This is a trend away from the box-store, mass produced look.

In conclusion, use these trends to keep the edge over your competition in the construction marketplace. Have a great year of building … and don’t forget to add an American eBuilder home warranty to your 2016 homes!

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