What Does the Warranty Cover?

What does the warranty cover?

We have put together an info-graphic which gives you a comprehensive overview of exactly what an American eBuilder warranty could cover, when you get one with your new home. Coverage is subject to terms and conditions specified in your written warranty, so please refer to that for details.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Year 1 Warranty Coverage

In year 1, the builder is responsible to repair defects in workmanship and materials. This is comparable to a 1-year call back or punch-list. In the warranty booklet, a detailed chart lists specific home components as well as the tolerances for each. The specific list allows the homeowner to know exactly what is and is not covered.

Year 2 Warranty Coverage

In year 2, the builder has responsibility for delivery systems repairs. These repairs include plumbing, electrical, HVAC and Septic delivery systems. For example if an electrical wiring conduit were to fail, and it was due to faulty materials or faulty installation, the builder would repair it. But if a homeowner were to damage an electrical outlet by misuse, that would not be a covered repair. Again, this is illustrative only and not specific to any existing warranty address.

Years 3-10 Warranty Coverage

During years 3-10, the Insurer repairs specific structural components that fail. Such structures could include defective foundations or framing. The warranty booklet for a specific address will enumerate very specific coverages for this time period.

The warranty is an expressed, written warranty which is very specific about warranty coverages and the time frames. Both the builder and the buyer know exactly what is covered, when it is covered and also how to file a claim. Details will be contained in the warranty booklet generated for a specific address.

For more comprehensive information, please visit our warranty coverage page under the warranty menu.

Warranty Types

As noted above, the illustration is simply a generalized visual for your convenience. We offer expressed, written warranties for almost any new home or remodeling job. These provide structural home warranty coverage for a specific number of years.

Home Warranty Coverage

Our most popular structural warranty is the 2+8, 10-year Warranty. We also offer a HUD version of the 10-year warranty for those buyers who are using HUD, VA or FHA financing. The illustration above shows how a 10-year New home warranty breaks down over each year.

Another more recent warranty type we’ve added is the TEXAS 2+4, 6-year new home Warranty. This warranty only may be purchased for homes in Texas. We offer both the Standard 6-year warranty coverage as well as a HUD version.

For those who are adding on to or remodeling an existing home, we offer a shorter 5-year Remodeling Warranty. This home warranty covers only the new construction, but not the existing structure.

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