Inside Out

Have you noticed the latest home design trend? It’s sweeping the country, with one goal in mind: creating a space in a home which connects and merges into the outdoors. This harmonizes well with the use of natural materials and artisan touches which recently has also become a prominent design trend. There are several ways to incorporate this “inside out” feel into the homes you build – some rather traditional and some quite innovative.

Full length windows allow the inside and outside to merge.


The first way to open up a room to the outdoors is with windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows which hinge or slide open onto a patio, terrace or garden are an update of the more traditional, less expansive French doors seen in the late 20th century. Because the windows are full-view, they add space and integration with the exterior to that living space. The added benefit of the doors’ opening increases the room’s living space exponentially.

A less open variant of the area which the doors open to is a walled and roofed area with folding doors. This application would be appropriate to get the inside out effect when neighbors live close at hand, such as in a townhouse. The roof and walls also help to protect outdoor furnishings from weather damage.


Another type of inside out construction is the outdoor living room. Usually having a tiled floor, this sort of room might have a fireplace or any number of other normally indoor amenities, such as a bar area, an entertainment center or a game table. The outdoor living room often connects to the house through a full view window area.


Once a Victorian or Southern feature, balconies are having a come-back. For the city-dweller, the balcony is a way to have the outdoors as a part of the living space. Outdoor furniture is now more durable and attractive than ever before. Add a hot tub or a garden area for even more luxury.


Once a standard feature of ancient Roman homes, the courtyard adds an entirely new outdoor space to modern construction. Not only does a courtyard permit a protected outdoor living space, but it also allows for additional windows and light into the home. This amenity is great for a family with small children or pets, as it allows security with freedom. Just as with the patio or terrace, a courtyard may be accessed by full view doors and may contain a garden or living space.

Why not start to use some of the inside out living space in your next home construction? You might be surprised at the positive response from your customers! And don’t forget to include an American eBuilder new home warranty to protect that amazing, inside-out home you create.

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