Kitchen Trends for 2016

In the past few decades, the most important room for family gathering and social interaction was primarily a family room or great room. That was a shift away from the kitchen’s being a traditional gathering spot in the mid Twentieth Century. However, in 2016, this trend has begun to shift away from the family room. Now, the room which families often designate as important for gathering and socializing is once more the kitchen. As a builder, what can you do to meet this growing need in homes you build? We’ve gathered the latest kitchen trends for your enlightenment!

Kitchen with Pop of Color and stainless steel appliances

This kitchen has neutral cabinetry and a subway tile wall, all accented by a pop of color from the rug and vases. It also features built-in stainless steel appliances.

The Appliances

State-of-the-art appliances are a must, but they are luxuriously streamlined and simple. Built-ins which are part of the cabinetry, as well as appliances which the cabinetry hides help meet this trend. Stainless and other metals are popular. Induction ranges are a hot item for families with young children, as the stovetop doesn’t get hot in the way a traditional burner would. Consider adding a metal range hood to the cooking area. In addition, warmer drawers, another hallmark of yesteryear, have returned, but with “smart” elements and controls. Sinks feature apron fronts and hands-free faucets. In all appliances, automation reigns.

White kitchen with accent color

This kitchen has neutral white cabinets and drawers, which have no pulls. The wooden countertop adds warmth, and the accessories provide a colorful accent to the neutral palette.

The Kitchen Cabinetry

While wooden cabinets still warm a kitchen space, painted cabinetry is also making a comeback. White paint creates a clean and simple façade, but grey cabinets are also becoming popular. Kitchen cabinets and drawers utilize LED technology to have interior illumination and have no drawer pulls with hydraulic easy open drawers. In addition, multi-tiered drawers expand usable space.

Kitchen with apron sink.

This kitchen has the popular apron sink – oversized and convenient to use. It also has a dark metallic range hood and oven with warmer.

The Walls and Counters

The contemporary kitchen features subway tile walls and mirrored tile backsplashes. Countertop materials mix wood and quartz to evoke simple lines. An island with chairs or stools still provides a seating and gathering area.

Open shelving in the kitchen is trendy

This kitchen has both open shelving and also LED lighting in the cabinets and under counter, as well as a stainless steel range hood.

The Colors

Kitchen color schemes include greys, neutrals and metallics, highlighted by a single pop of color; perhaps on the range or in the décor accents. Keeping the color scheme neutral allows your buyer to accessorize in any color pattern and stay up-to-date with changing trends. In addition, the up-to-date kitchen blends into the living area, either through an open layout or through window openings into the main living space.

If you incorporate these popular kitchen trends into your construction, you will distinguish yourself as a contemporary and savvy builder. Why not further promote your reputation with an American eBuilder new home warranty? We offer some of the most competitive warranties in the business, and we’re HUD-approved. Call us now at (866) 526-2090 to get started!

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