Discover American eBuilder, the New Home Warranty Ohio Counts On

If you’re a builder, remodeler, real estate professional or lender and you need an Ohio home warranty, welcome to American eBuilder.  Because so many on our team of warranty professionals have backgrounds in one or more of these industries, we are uniquely positioned to understand your needs, as they relate to those of your customers.  Quite simply, American eBuilder exceeds in making the selection and purchasing of new home builder warranties and remodeler warranties  quick, easy and convenient.

A Diverse Range of Available Ohio Home Warranties OH

Unlike other home warranty companies doing business in Ohio, we are pleased to offer a premier program that provides a “1+9” builder’s warranty for buyers utilizing conventional financing.  We also offer “2+8” 10-year warranties, one of which is a HUD compatible new home warranty for buyers taking advantage of HUD financing through FHA, VA or USDA.  For those builders who do renovations or remodeling work, we offer a 5-year home warranty that will set you apart from your competition and  provide unparalleled peace of mind for your buyers.

Online. On Time. Unequaled.

Securing your business’s investment and protecting your reputation by means of an American eBuilder Warranty is fast, easy and convenient with our online warranty purchasing system.  Instead of filling out and submitting pages and pages of paperwork prior to getting your warranty, you can now purchase a home warranty instantly without any aggravating or time-consuming hassle.  Apply for membership today and find out for yourself how American eBuilder puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to when and how you want your warranties.

Peace of Mind for Buyers, Too

Of course, your buyers also want peace of mind, and there’s no better way to offer it than by reassuring them with an American eBuilder new home warranty.  Not only will this set your buyers’ minds at ease, but our home warranties will prove to be an effective sales and marketing tool because of the added value our products provide.

The Affordable Home Warranty

American eBuilder’s home warranty programs are an extremely cost-effective way to secure the reputation of yourself and your business, protect your assets and your customer’s investment and enhance your sales and marketing ability.  As a matter of fact, our 10-year home warranties typically cost less than 1/3 of 1 percent of your home’s purchase price.  With this in mind, it doesn’t take long before you realize just how affordable peace of mind can be.

Contact American eBuilder at 866-526-2090 and find out how we can protect and enhance your business’s reputation today!