In the past few decades, the most important room for family gathering and social interaction was primarily a family room or great room. That was a shift away from the kitchen’s being a traditional gathering spot in the mid Twentieth Century. However, in 2016, this trend has begun to shift away from the family room. Now, the room which families often designate as important for gathering and socializing is once more the kitchen. As a builder, what can you do to meet this growing need in homes you build? We’ve gathered the latest kitchen trends for your enlightenment! The Appliances … Read more »

Plumbing Systems Plumbing is a relatively care-free system in your new home. As long as everything was properly installed, your maintenance will be minimal. Nonetheless, here are main areas to be aware of in case problems arise. INTAKE VALVES: These are the shut-off valves which are installed on each sink or toilet in your home. There is also a main water shut-off valve near the spot where the main water line enters your home. Be knowledgeable about where the valves for each water source is located and be sure they turn easily. This will make your life easier if you … Read more »

Many homeowners, who purchase a new home, opt to have basic landscaping done as part of their home package, but then later fill in the flower beds and garden areas with more lush plantings gradually. But before you start digging, you should know that if you have young children or pets, a number of lovely posies can be toxic landscaping plants, and even fatal if ingested. Knowing these dangerous plants and avoiding them in your landscape will keep your loved ones safe. The Most Toxic Landscaping Plants: Whether it’s the foliage, the flowers or the berries, all of the following … Read more »

If your home is equipped with central air, you probably don’t need to read this post. But if you have mini-splits or window AC units, there are necessary steps you must take to ensure your AC doesn’t make you sick! Did you know that the environment inside mini-splits and window units are a haven for black mold? Ew! From allergies to just plain gross, we do NOT want mold growing there! Why Mold Grows: As an air conditioner unit works, both moisture and dust are pulled into it. Couple those ingredients with a dark interior, and you have a perfect … Read more »

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who have served, for freedom to be bought with a price. We are forever thankful.

Codes, they are a-changin,’ and the builder who stays on top of current codes is a wise person. One of the most important codes in the home building industry is the IRC, or the International Residential Code. What is the IRC? The IRC is quite comprehensive, and addresses building standards, energy conservation, plumbing standards, mechanical standards, gas provisions and electrical provisions for one- and two-family homes as well as town homes. This code seeks to offer the new home owner the highest protection of health, safety and welfare by utilizing innovative and cutting-edge technologies. In addition, best practices which have … Read more »

What does the warranty cover? We have put together an info-graphic which gives you a comprehensive overview of exactly what an American eBuilder warranty could cover, when you get one with your new home. Coverage is subject to terms and conditions specified in your written warranty, so please refer to that for details. Year 1 Warranty Coverage In year 1, the builder is responsible to repair defects in workmanship and materials. This is comparable to a 1-year call back or punch-list. In the warranty booklet, a detailed chart lists specific home components as well as the tolerances for each. The … Read more »

Your attic and roof system tops your house and provides insulation and protection from water infiltration. Today, our Meticulous Maintenance post will deal with these areas. Since we’ve already detailed roof maintenance here, in this post, our focus will be on the attic space. Attics come in all shapes and sizes. In modern homes, the roof construction often has roof trusses which preclude any storage space in the attic. Occasionally, attics may be built with an area large enough to use for storage space. If this is the case with your attic, be careful to not store extremely large or … Read more »

Your house is finished, you love it, and settlement is just around the corner. Because you remember that your builder has given you peace of mind by including an American eBuilder structural warranty on your new home, you feel great! Ah! Time to move in and relax, right? Well … not quite! Even though your house is brand new, as a homeowner, you will need to be proactive in keeping it that way, and meticulous maintenance is the key! Meticulous Maintenance Did you know that, as a homeowner, you can do many simple maintenance tasks to extend the life of … Read more »

A roof is a system of your home which is designed to last a long time, if you take proper care of it. Areas which require periodic attention include flashing, drainage waste vent stacks, shingles and gutters. To be sure everything is working as it should, you should have a professional roofer examine these areas every three years. Let’s examine each area to see what to watch for. FLASHING: Flashing is metal, plastic or rubber pieces which protect your roof wherever there is a join – between roof and chimney, between dormers and roof or in valleys where two different … Read more »