“Hi Scott! Hey, I’d like to hire you to do a few improvements on my home.” … “Well, to start with, I need a new rear entry door installed.” … “What? You’re kidding? At least a year out from now?” This was a conversation I had over a year ago with a local contractor. He literally had so much business lined up that he was scheduling a year in advance. Why the backlog? In part, this typical remodeling/home improvement wait time is due to the skilled labor shortage hitting our nation. Home sales are booming under the current economy. Builders … Read more »

The outlook for America’s housing market in 2018 and beyond is decidedly positive. Market activity is starting to pick up due to a number of factors, including lower unemployment rates, rising household incomes and restored buyer confidence in many of America’s housing markets. All of this is excellent news for new construction, which is expected to recover this year and maintain its hold in the marketplace. As housing prices continue to climb, new construction will be necessary to provide much-needed supply in some of the nation’s increasingly desirable locations. Housing Market Trends for 2018 The overall outlook moving forward into … Read more »

Why Would a Home Buyer Need a Written Warranty? If you were to buy a new, HD plasma TV and 8 months after your purchase, it stopped working, would you expect the manufacturer to repair or replace it? Naturally, you would, because most large appliances come with a written warranty which assures you that the manufacturer will repair or replace it if it breaks after only 8 months. Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person will ever have. It makes sense that the buyer would also expect such a large purchase to include a substantial warranty … Read more »

Active Soil or Expansive Soil We are working on some blog posts about active soil. Some of our builders live in areas of the US which, because of the geological composition of the soil, are prone to major movement in home foundations. As a result, the movement of these foundations causes structural damage to walls, floors, windows, doors, exteriors, interiors and other areas. In such scenarios, walls gap, floor tile cracks, windows become difficult to close, doors refuse to open or close and the exterior can develop large cracks. Clay is NOT Our Friend! The main soil movement happens when … Read more »