Protect Your New Constructions With New Home Warranties in Dallas, Texas

The last thing you want to do while selling a home is get into an argument with the new homeowners relating to whether certain repairs are covered by your business. In addition to causing your customers frustration, these kinds of arguments can also hurt your company’s reputation.

Thankfully, these kinds of discrepancies are actually incredibly easy to avoid altogether. By securing new home warranties, structural warranties or 10-year warranties, you’re giving both you and your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing any issues that may surface after a home is built, are addressed up front.

At American eBuilder, we offer a variety of warranty programs you can use to ensure your business is protected if structural defects are found in new construction. If you’re looking to satisfy the requirements of HUD financing for FHA, VA or USDA loans, we offer a 10-year expressed written limited warranty which will protect you and comfort new homebuyers at the same time.

We also offer standard warranties. No matter how your client chooses to finance their home purchase, you can be confident knowing that American eBuilder will help you find the solutions you need.

American eBuilder Warranties: A New Way to Market Yourself

In today’s competitive housing market, you need to position your company in a way that truly allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Acquiring new home warranties for houses built in Dallas, Texas is one way to do just that.

As homeowners struggle to get through the grueling process of buying a home, anything you can do to put them at ease is essential to ensuring satisfied customers. With a new home warranty in place, your customers will appreciate the fact that their investment is protected.

Our warranties are available online 24/7, so you won’t have to wait for paperwork and risk encountering any last-minute problems. Any questions? Contact the American eBuilder team today!