Choosing Who to Trust to Build Your Home

As modern consumers, we tend to scrutinize our purchasing decisions no matter if they are large or small. We take the time to compare products, research brands and form opinions based on our experiences. And while you wouldn’t likely buy a car or television built by a manufacturer with a terrible reputation, many people fail to spend enough time considering who is most qualified to build your home.

Selecting the right home builder should be just as important as other factors such as the architectural style, location of the property and specific floor plan. If you’re currently considering new home construction, follow these tips to find a trustworthy builder:

  1. Check Homeowner References

The best way to get to know potential builders is by paying attention to the impartial reviews of the customers they have previously served. Make it a point to ask for references and seek out third-party accounts of homeowners who have taken the time to share their experiences. You’ll not only find out how satisfied the customer is with the home they purchased, but you’ll also learn what it was like working with the builder. You may learn how they adhere to a timetable, work within a budget, and communicate throughout the various stages of the project.

  1. Establish a Positive Rapport

The best relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. When you find a builder you want to work with, get to know them on a more thorough level. While it’s important to learn how they run their business and what makes their team of employees tick, the more insight you share about your own hopes and expectations can inspire the builder to provide the best possible service. Simple things like being responsive to information requests, promptly returning phone calls, and remaining honest and open in negotiations can go a long way to ensuring your home turns out to be the home of your dreams.

  1. Study the Sales Contract

Purchasing a new home can be exciting and complex, often to the point that it’s difficult to focus on the most important details. Before you sign on the dotted line with a homebuilder, it’s crucial to understand the specific terms of the sales contract. In fact, a reliable builder should be more than willing to review the contract with you to ensure you know exactly what you’re agreeing to and what the builder is responsible for.

  1. Take Confidence in a Quality Warranty

Long after the sales contract is completed and you’re living in your home, a warranty provides invaluable protection over your investment. Ask builders what kind of warranty options they offer and make sure a written 10-year warranty is available to you. It demonstrates the builder has both of your best interests in mind and is capable of offering the full range of services necessary to deliver peace of mind.

To learn more about warranties and what you should look for when building a home, contact American eBuilder today.