Enhance Your Reputation with a New Home Builder Warranty from American eBuilder

The team of professionals at American eBuilder is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of the Construction and Real Estate industries when it comes to new home warranty coverage.  Contact us and find out how our new home builders warranty programs offer protection and reassurance for you and your buyers in an easy, affordable and convenient way.

Builders New Home Warranty Programs for Conventional and HUD Financing

American eBuilder offers a 10-year new home structural warranty for buyers using HUD financing through FHA, VA, and USDA lending.  Our new home structural warranty programs are also available in a premier “1+9” builder’s written limited warranty format.

In addition, American eBuilder also provides a 5-year Remodelers Warranty program, which offers structural coverage for 5 years.  In like fashion, both the 5-year and 10-year programs provide protection for the buyer, during the first year, in the event there are defects in workmanship or materials.

The Benefits of the New Home Warranty

Builders who only provide a typical “handshake” warranty,  risk exposing themselves to unfair complaints and lawsuits if problems arise and are not dealt with to the satisfaction of certain homeowners.  Our written new home warranties make clear what is covered and what is not.  That also means improved protection for the buyer, who can rest assured that their builder or the warrantor will address any warranted issues that may arise during the course of time the warranty is in effect.

Many builders find our new home warranties and our Remodelers Warranty an invaluable tool during the sales and marketing process.  When you stand behind your craftsmanship with an American eBuilder home warranty, your buyers will feel more comfortable consummating the transaction, which for many it will be the biggest and scariest of their lives.

Affordable, Convenient and Hassle-Free

We make securing your business’s reputation and peace of mind simple with our online home warranty purchase process.  Once you are a member of American eBuilder’s Warranty Program, you won’t ever have to send in mounds of paperwork in order to get your warranties; instead, you can purchase a warranty with a few fast clicks. What could be easier?

Contact American eBuilder at 866-526-2090 and discover how we can protect your new home, investment and reputation with a structural warranty today.