Discover American eBuilder's FHA-Compatible New Home Warranty Program

For buyers purchasing a brand new home with FHA financing, finding a builder willing to provide an FHA-compatible 10-year structural warranty can be a significant challenge.  Expand your buyer pool, enhance your reputation and protect your investment by providing an FHA-type home warranty with your completed home.  The best news? With American eBuilder, you can accomplish this quickly, easily and affordably.

What the FHA-Compatible Ten Year Structural Warranty Covers

Our FHA 10-year home warranty is an expressed written limited warranty.  Within the warranty, there is a 2-year written builder’s limited warranty and a 10-year written limited warranty on warranted structural components.  These warranty standards are explicitly defined, as is the resolution process if the builder and the homeowner have an unresolved dispute. Without an American eBuilder Warranty, your reputation and your business’s financial health are vulnerable, so why take the chance on selling a home without one.

Reassuring Your Buyers

When you offer your buyers an FHA-compatible home warranty, you also enhance your reputation as a professional who stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of your homes.  Your buyers can move in with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their FHA-type  structural warranty provides more coverage than the standard 1-year builder’s warranty and has 3rd party backing

In addition to the FHA new home warranty, American eBuilder also provides a unique “1+9” structural warranty and a 5-year Remodelers Warranty.  At American eBuilder, we have the needs of the Construction, Real Estate and Lending industries covered.

Adding Value to Your Business

The team at American eBuilder is uniquely positioned to understand the business needs of Construction and Real Estate professionals because we have team members who previously worked in the industries we serve.  We believe our home warranties provide a way for builders to offer significant added value to their homes through increased peace of mind.  As a result, many count our home warranties as an essential tool for successful sales and marketing campaigns.

Easy. Affordable.  Convenient.

Best of all, we make our new home structural warranties available online for easy purchase.  That means you can get the warranty you need when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With the cost of a warranty typically being less than 1/3 of 1 percent of the final sales price of a home, you’ll get the best value possible for your dollar.

Contact us at 866-526-2090 and discover how our new home warranties will enhance your reputation, protect your business and reassure your buyers today!